A slay queen is a lady who is comfortable in her skin, full of poise and have a sense of purpose. She is intelligent, beautiful, independent, God fearing and full of carriage and decorum.

A slay queen is a lady who is highly skilled in her chosen profession, she is not lazy, not seeking undue attention, no low self esteem and doesn’t engage in unnecessary rivalry.

A slay queen is full of respect for elders, humble to a fault, spiritually inclined and always at alert for spiritual battle. She doesn’t flirt around or beg for love, she is self loving.

A slay queen is goal driven, hospital, loving, caring, a giver, a lover of God, gives to the less privileged, easily forgive others, not selfish and she is a complete woman.


S       L         A      Y     Q U     E     E     N


The acronym, slayqueen is summarized below


S= Sensitive: she is sensitive to the happenings in her surrounding, she keeps records of events that will benefit her life and not records of night clubs and parties.

L= Loving: With a slay queen there is no dull moment. She is loving and full of love, because she is self loving, it is easy for her to dispense love to there.

A= Active: A slay queen is not lazy, looking for free dollar or thousands of naira for a one night stand. She is disciplined and very hardworking.

Y= Youthful: This slay queen is vibrant and excited always. She possesses the characteristics of a sweet and feminine youth.

Q= Queen: She is a queen indeed. She is full of royalty, covered with the garment of honour. She represents a palace, of the most high God.

U=Uncommon: This type of slay queen is very uncommon. She is not easily seen on social media, she doesn’t flaunt herself exposing her nakedness. She is classic and well packaged.

E=Education: She is educated, both in circular and in the conventional school. She values learning and always opens door of improvement in her daily activities.

E=Eager: She is eager to give, eager to sacrifice for others. She is selfless in nature.

N= Network: She is so industrious and believes in people around her to achieve her goals. She uses the tool of networking, connecting with people with a good idea, products and services that will meet the need of people. She is indeed a slay queen.


I want to be a slay queen.

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