In a world of modern day technology where abnormal things trend on social media, the proper way of doing a marriage proposal is gradually being replaced with casual ways of proposal and responding to marriage proposal.

This writeup is to address the proper way to propose to a lady in order to get a good answer ‘yes’


  1. CLOSED DOOR PROPOSAL: This is not as the name implies. This type of proposal is not necessarily inside a closed door which could be possible. It is the type that is done in the secret. Where no one else is present safe the proposer and the proposee……lols. It could be done with a customised ring, Aboki ring or no ring at all. This type of proposal usually doesn’t require immediate answer, as there is always an agreement for the lady to go and think about it. Most often also, the reply is done in the secret.
  2. The Open air proposal: This type of proposal is the type we often see in Bollywood and Hollywood, they are done openly most times on a special occasion such as birthdays, graduation party or a besties’ wedding. This type of proposal often require immediate answer, this is because you may not be able to gather the same set of people to witness the reply.



WHEN YOU SHARE MUTUAL LOVE: Most guys make this mistake when it comes to proposal. You can’t confidently propose to a lady you just met and not expect a decline in transaction. Take your time as a guy to get the signal right, is the lady the type of woman you want to settle with? You don’t want to keep jumping from one lady to the other.

IS SHE READY TO SETTLE WITH YOU? The worst that could happen to any friendship is to mistaken it for a love relationship. You may never get back together again. Make sure you are on the same page with the lady before you go ahead to pop up the question. It is very hard for women to hide their feelings, so when a girl really is loves you and is ready for marriage she will be all over you. So , in that case you don’t delay.

√WHEN YOU ARE READY: This is one common mistakes guys make. Some guys rush to propose to a lady when they are not ready, thereby prolonging the relationship unnecessarily. I believe in the saying that what is yours is yours don’t rush.


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√ DRESS WELL: Be fine. Don’t dress to impress or to kill but look good. Don’t forget first impression lasts longer.

√PLAN IT: You need to plan this wonderful proposal. Don’t just do a coincident thing and call it proposal. Fix a date, make it memorable, plan the event if possible rehearse your lines before the date.

√BEFRIEND THE LADY: Don’t just fix a date to woo a sleeping beauty, because you have a feeling for her. Nah, it doesn’t work that way. You need to have established a casual friendship with this wonderful lady. This is to enable easy access when it is time to propose.

√SAY IT: Don’t delay, don’t beat about the bush.

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