Vexation prayer with your spouse goes a long way

 In the early years of my Marriage to Jacob, we would sometimes skip prayers for days because we were yet to resolve an issue or bunch of issues. I am the type that loves to Vex, and be allowed to really vex. I see vexation as my right, like, it is my right to vex over an issue. Which makes any attempt to settle before the expiration of the vexation causes more vexation. 

I grew out of

that nonsense, thanks to God for always fighting our unseen battles, it would have been a different story now. Read below a wonderful article by the War Woman, Uncle Allyson Hyacintho\’s wife, Hilda.

No quarrel should be strong enough to take your place of praying together. Even if it means crying in the hurt while praying together, please do it.

It\’s an intentional fight to stay together, a very intentional fight. don\’t miss your morning devotion because of your last night misunderstanding, Don\’t miss your daily confessions together because something is not going down well, don\’t miss laying hands on each other because of the exchange of words that happened yesterday, don\’t allow yourself to debate your spiritual oneness over a fight.

The enemy is ever ready to steal, and part of what he is ready to steal from you is your spiritual time as one. He knows the effect of your prayer as one, he knows the energy pulled down to stop his force for the day each time you hold hands to pray.

My husband and I had a disagreement few weeks back, I was so angry, the last thing that was on my mind was praying, he woke up in the morning, I did not care about praying with him, I just wanted him to leave the house and let me lock myself in all day. What a thought😞

He came to the bed as usual laid his hands on me, still angry at each other he said \’dear Holy spirit thank you for this day, all I want to ask is that you heal our heart and help us all through the day, May the enemy never steal our thought and our day, Amen\’. And that was all, that prayer healed our everything that you could ever imagined.

A prayer as simple as that can bring down the wall of Jericho, ohhh yes. 

Don\’t let the devil deceive you that God does not hear your prayers in the moment of anger, listen He is our Father an EVER PRESENT HELP, pray anyway.

Don\’t let it happen, lock the door if one person is about to leave for work without prayer, kneel by that door, because holding of hands at that period can be nearly difficult, but let it be in the presence of two, even if you are still crying as the woman, and even if Uncle\’s face is looking like a rock that cannot be shaken, please take this from me, STILL PRAY,  ask the holy spirit to help your thoughts and actions, even if that is the only prayer you can make, it is enough.

If you are in a dating relationship, you can send a text because I know hearing the person\’s voice may not be of interest to you at the moment, But PRAY.

All I am saying is that,  your prayer lifestyle as one should never be excused with anger, fight for it. The devil is not permitted to feed on your prayer space as a couple. Never.

Have you prayed together this morning?

Will you pray together tonight?




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