Wonders shall never end. How can a marriage of 4years just end like that? Read the full story below of a man who took to social media, in a group called RantHq, to narrate his ordeal with his cheating wife. 

If loyalty is what we seek in friendship, what do we get when it is lacking?

This is my story. Please take a ride with me. I promise not to bore you with rhetorics as I narrate my experience with a cheating wife and a betraying friend. 
I crossed path with Odelola Mary Abosede in 2007 at Ipetu-Modu, Osun State. I took interest in her and things worked out well between both of us. Not long after that time, she got admitted into the College of Education at Ilesha. During her NCE program, I gave her both financial and moral support. I Sometimes went as far as obtaining loans from my place of work to ensure that her welfare is well taken care of. I reside in Lagos and worked with the NNPC gas company as a contract staff , Lagos then, while she studied at COE, Ilesha. She was born and brought up in Ayetoro, Ipetu-Modu, Osun State. 

In 2013, she visited me for the first time at my Lagos residence. We both prayed to know the mind of God for us in marriage as we looked set for a marital relationship. We were convincingly sure of the direction we were heading to. 
Long story cut short, we courted for some years before she introduced me to her family and in 2017, I married her legally after I\’ve done all that were required of me to do. Barely 3 months into the marital journey, I was laid off at my place of work and things became so hard that we could hardly feed. The Omoluabi tenets that I uphold will not permit me to indulge myself in crime of any kind, so I gathered myself and did some menial jobs alongside the skill I acquired as a fashion designer. 
Problem began to surface in our marriage when my wife started to display some audacious and strange attitudes towards me. I got to know that she had her mother\’s backing (i.e my mother-in-law). This is a woman I got an accommodation in Ibadan simply because I wasn\’t satisfied with where she was living then. With the little I had, I would inconvenient myself for my wife and her family. Hmmmmmm, well, all is well. Most people relate with you based on what they get from you not necessarily who you are to them. 
Let me add this, four years into our marriage, we are still waiting on God for a child. I know what this could cause her so I try as much to make her happy. Last October, on her birthday (on the 4th) I threw a party for her just to make her happy. We merry and I was sure she had a pleasurable experience like always. Few days after, I came back home to discover that she had packed out of my house even with my belongings. I placed a call but her line wasn\’t reachable. All my search for her, proved abortive. Thereafter, I went to her people at Ipetu-Modu but couldn\’t find her there untill I was informed that her mother had moved to Modakeke. Straight away, I traveled down to Modakeke in company of one of my trainees from Gbongan, Sodiq, and was able to locate her. I met my wife and mother in-law, Prophetess Lydia Adeolu Odelola, at her Uncle\’s place. I prostrated and begged her to forgive whatever I might have done wrong to her. Perhaps, I\’ve offended her unknowingly. All my pleas fell on her deaf ears. Her mother signalled her after a long silence, and she excused herself to make use of the toilet. We almost waited till eternity for her to return before we noticed that she must have ran away through the back door and till date I\’m yet to see her.  
I was disorientated this last week when I discovered that my wife(Odelola Mary Abosede), and my best man (Yemi Godwin Tella) had been having secret affairs. When I came across this chat, I was left shattered. I trusted both my wife and friend too much, but unknown to me that I was living with my enemies. The thoughts of who to trust has never stopped running through my mind. 
So I ask again, If loyalty is what we seek in friendship, what do we get when it is lacking?
Attached with this post is the picture we took on my wedding day. Myself, my cheating wife and my betraying friend (best man).
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