It is possible that one of the hardest things to accept when it comes to love issue, is that you can\’t make someone love you. You suddenly find the person you have been looking for, but problem is they may not feel the same way about you.

As painful as this may look, it is actually a blessing in disguise, I know some people who have being through this, and have taken months or years to realize that there\’s no hope. Someone might just be serving as a canopy to your life, it doesn\’t mean you should hate them but it is an indication that you shouldn\’t expect much from them.
The truth is that in the long run, you\’ll appreciate the fact that the shadow Relationship didn\’t work out, because you\’ll be more opened to a more reciprocal relationship and new love that\’ll be worth it.
It is important to understand that, however Wonderful the object of your affection is towards the other person, if they don\’t love you back the relationship will never be successful.

You need someone who

truly deserves you and love you for who you are. Not for what you\’re pretending to be. As soon as you discover you are with someone who doesn\’t love you, you need to be really brave and end the relationship before they break your heart. One day, you\’ll look back and realize how courageous you were.

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