10 Things you should have known 5years Ago||Mr Emmanuel Johnson

10 Things You Should Have Known 5Years Ago
1: Stop taking advice from people who have not accomplished more than you.
One time, I saw a single guy giving married men advice on marriage.
2: Get a mentor 5steps ahead of you, and another mentor 2steps ahead of you…
and find a \”best\” friend that is in the trenches with you
3: Leverage is your best asset. Leverage your time, money, resources, etc
Invest in mentors that can help you get to your destination very fast, hire the best hands
4: Develop an aspect of your life by a 1% increase daily
5: Don\’t be afraid to fail. Many people who were afraid to fail never made it.
6: Double down on what is working, and do less of what is not working.
7: That it is not working doesn\’t mean it cant work.
8: Invest in your marketing, and in people who can help you with marketing.
9: Don\’t go to where you are tolerated, go to where you\’re celebrated.
10: Don\’t be shy to ask for help, every successful people ask for help.

Which of these hit you the most?

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