TV Series. Jodha and Akbar update


Rahim ask Nigaar that when she will be fine Shehnaz, Salima says tshe is not Shehnaz but Nigaar your aunt, give respect to her, Rahim says she is my friend, Nigaar says yes, you can call me Shehnaz, Maham comes there, Salima says we were leaving, you can talk to Nigaar, Rahim and Salima leaves. Maham says queen I tried to talk to you, actually.. nigaar says I know you are worried that I didn’t take your name, I know that you help me taking revenge against Jalal but what did was for hum antiy, you helped me when you saw that I am facing difficulty, you are not wrong, you are not against Jalal but you are with justice, I told you that Jalal has captured my mother so you were just helping a suppressed person, Maham smirks and says you have a big heart Nigaar, you are blood of king Humanyun.

Doctor checks Jodha and informs Jalal that its a good news, you are going to be father of twins, Jalal and Jodha are surprised, doctor says twins will make jodha run in the whole palace, she will not get time for anyone, she leaves, Jalal says to Jodha you are giving me happiness that too double, seriously you have given me a very happy news, Jalal kisses her forehead.

MahaC says now time has come to attack Agra.

Jalal comes to Ruqaiya, he looks at her, she greets him, Jalal says I didn’t see you today, so I was worried and came to see you, are you fine? She ask will you have a drink? Jalal says yes along with you, Ruqaiya fills galsses for both, Ruqaiya says I am sorry for my behavior, I don’t know what happens to me sometimes, I didn’t know that you weren’t aware of Jodha’s pregnancy, Jalal says It will be good if you supervise jashn’s decorations and all, Ruqaiya says I have already ordered dasies, Jalal says you are very different Ruqaiya, always serious for work and practical, I just want to say that I have lost many of my relatives recently, I don’t want to lose you, Ruqaiya nods and says you should be with Jodha now, she is going to be a mother, Jalal says I will like if you come to jashn, I am going now, I just want to say that I think you should take care of Jodha, Ruqaiya fumes and says Jodha will not like my presence around her, Jalal says nothing like that, she will like that you are taking care of her remember that the heir is mine. he leaves, Ruqaiya is hurt.

Soldier informs MahaC that tomorrow is jashn in the palace, Abu Mali says its a good chance, Beg says no, I know these days Jalal celebrate everything with people but this jashn is in the palace, not outside, ABul Mali says then we cant attack them, MahaC says that jashn is in the palace because of security purposes but I will decide what to do, in jashn all will be busy in different things, nobody could imagine that we can attack the palace so we will attack tomorrow only, tomorrow I will change their jashn into sorrow.

The preparations for jashn is in full swing, Bharmal comes to Agra, Jalal is with him, Jalal says I hope you like the jashn, Bharmla says I admire your thoughts, you always take measures to unite both the religions, you invited all religions to jashn too, Jalal says its all because of Jodha’s presence in my life, she changed my thoughts, we respect our ancestors because they were our elders but Jodha respects them as she admires their golden thoughts, she is different, Bharmal says today I am very happy of this marriage, this marriage was a political alliance but this marriage completed you and Jodha, the day Jodha came to Agra, I miss her every moment.

Hoshiyar comes to Ruqaiya, Hoshiyar says how can you get ready, you face is pale, you eyes are swollen, Ruqaiya takes off her jewelry and says to Hoshiyar make me ready for jashn like that my all pain, sorrows seems fade away, nobody should be able to see my tears. Hoshiyar says if you don’t go today then Jalal will understand that you are not happy, Ruqaiya says no I am special wife and I have to be there in jashn, make me ready like that my pain gets hidden behind it, I should look most beautiful in jashn that nobody can see my tears infront of my fake smile.

In jashn, Hamida ask where Is Jodha? Jodha comes there beautifully dressed, she greets all, she sits beside Jalal, he smiles, Hamida comes to them and blesses them, Ruqaiya comes there in jashn, she greets everyone, she greets Jodha and says you are giving Mughals heir, I congratulate you, Jodha thank her, she ask Ruqaiya where are going, you are Jalal’s 1st wife, if you sit beside Jalal then it will be good, sit with us, Ruqaiya is stunned, Jodha takes her and makes her sit beside Jalal while she sits on the other side. Bharmal comes to Jodha and gifts her, then Salima comes and gifts her, Jalal says to Jodha I want to give 1st gift of jashn to you and I want you to ask anything from me, Jalal ask what’s your wish? Jodha looks on, all waits for her answer, Jodha says I want you to give Ruqaiya her right 1st, she is going to be a mother of this child too, gift her too, Jalal says very good thought, I like it, Ruqaiya smiles and says that I will ask you what I want, Jalal nods, Jalal says on this occasion, I want to gift Jodha a special thing, he holds Jodha’s hand and shows her the gift, it is baby cot and child is sitting in it, Jalal says look I am giving you cot which have a child, Jodha is happy and says its beautiful, I am thankful to you, Jalal says this is not enough, there are many more gifts, they sit back, the dancers come in court and starts singing in praise of Jodha.

Outside of the palace, the MahaC, Khaibar and their force reach Agra.

Inside court, all are busy enjoying dance of the dancer, they are singing Amer de raj kumara Jodha.. Jodha is all smiling looking at Jalal.

The Nissar(soldier who controls Khaibar) gives cloth to Khaibar which have Jalal’s blood, he says to Khaibar that smell this blood, you have to find this man and kill him, Khaibar smell the cloth and screams, he comes out of his cage and starts going towards the palace, Jalal’s soldiers on duty are killed by MahaC’s soldiers, otherside in court, nobody knows whats happening inside, after the dance, Jalal ask did you like it Jodha? Jodha nod, suddenly the lights of the court is switched off, tansen ram tanu appears and starts singing his slow song, all enjoys his magical voice, Jalal holds Jodha’s hand, Jodha blushes. Ruqaiya sees them and is hurt.

Outside the palace Kahibar break palace’s gate and enters the palace, he kills all the soldiers, fight starts between Jalal’s sodiers and MahaC’s soldiers ensue, Kharibar kills them with his long sword. soon MahaC’s soldiers over powers them.

inside Raam finish his song, all praises him, Jalal says to Jodha from now on whenever Tansen sing, he will sing for you only, he hires Tansen foo jodha, Ruqaiya is jealous. In jashn, Atgah gets to know that palace is been attacked by some people, soldier informs them that a giant man is also with them and has created hovac, Jalal gets to know and fumes, he says to Baharmal to take all women inside safely, nobody should know about what is happening, while he will see outside, Bharmal and Todar comes to ladies, Bharmal says that you all come with me to harem, all are tensed, Bharmal says nothing to be tensed about but just come with me. Jalal is going outside, Jodha comes and ask him what has happened, Jalal puts hand on her forehead and says nothing is serious, you go inside. he leaves.

Jalal comes outside and says they are MahaC’s soldiers, Atgah says Nigaar was right, Jalal says I will punish them for disturbing us in jashn, Atgah and Jalal goes down in garden, Khaibar is standing there, Atgah is shocked to see him, he ask what is this creature, he seems like a wolf, Jalal stands infront of Khaibar, all ladies come to balcony and is shocked to see devil Khaibar, Jalal comes forward, Khaibar holds Jalal and beats him, Jalal is not able to understand him, Khaibar beats Todar and all, he again hold Jalal and beats him a lot, Jodha shouts shehenshah, she is about to go down but Salima stops her, Khaibar throw Jalal on the ground and is about to throw pillar on him when soldiers come and saves Jalal. Jodha feels dizzy seeing all this. Khaibar shouts. Khaibar smells Jalal’s cloth and recalls how his master said that his blood is nutrition and he doesn’t leave the person whose blood he smell.

Khaibar has created hovac in harem, all dasies and wives are running here and there to save themselves from the devil, Resham runs fro her life.

Outside Jalal is trying to take off the big pillar from his body, he is stuck under it.

In harem, Jodha and Ruqaiya are hidden in a corner, Kahibar sees them and starts approaching them, Jodha is tensed, Khaibar comes to Jodha and grab her, Khabiar drags Jodha, all wives try to stop him, he lifts Jodha on his shoulders and takes her away, Jodha shouts Jalal save me, Jalal takes off pillar and is shocked to see that Khaibar has taken Jodha away from harem, he ask Atgah to take out his horse, he says you all stay here and protect harem while me and Maan Singh will go in search of Jodha.

Khaibar is taking away Jodha from jungle, Jodha shouts leave me, you devil, I am pregnant leave me.

Jalal comes in jungle, soldiers says to Jalal that jodha cant be seen around, jalal ask them to find her. the devil kahibar is going away with jodha, jodha start throwing her jewelry in jungle and thinks that with the help of them jalal will find me, it will guide him to come to me.

Abu Mali shouts on soldier what, all our soldiers are dead and Khaibar took away Jodha from harem, Mali says to MahaC your weapon deceived you, he ran away with Jodha, MahaC says if this news is right then I am happy, she gifts the soldier and ask him to go, Abu Mali says are you really happy with this news, Beg ask to understand MahaC’s mind, MahaC says to Abu Mali that you don’t have brain, I wanted Jalal’s head from Kahibar but he is bringing Jalal’s heart that is Jodha here, he has done more than my expectation, I am just too happy.

Khaibar bring Jodha to some isolated place, he throws Jodha away, Jodha feels dizzy, he smell the cloth and then goes to Jodha, Jodha is terrified, he holds Jodha’s hand and smells her blood, then he smells the cloth and gets frustrated that he took the wrong person, he takes pillar in his hand and is about to throw it on Jodha to kill her, Jodha says don’t kill me, please leave, I plead you, I am pregnant, I am expecting a child, please don’t kill me, Khaibar look at her and stops for a while, he then throws pillar at her but it passes by Jodha and doesn’t hurt her, he closes the gate of the cave.

Jalal is searching in the jungle, Jalal find footprints of Khaibar and ask soldiers to follow it.

Inside cave, Khaibar look at Jodha, Jodha prays to protect my child, Jodha looks at her hands bleeding, Khaibar sees it, he comes to her and sees her blood, Jodha takes a brick to beat to him, he wipes her blood and goes from there, Jodha is stunned. Jodha prays that Jalal come here fast, I need you.

Jalal is suffering through jungle and think that Jodha believe me I will soon find you, they are following the footmarks but is not finding the way.

Inside cave, Jodha looks around to find some way, she touches her belly and is in pain, she thinks to find a way to go from there, she try to jump out from the cave, she start climbing the wall and try to take off the stone from the gate, she opens the gate and with much difficulty and comes out of the cave, she looks around in the jungle. Jodha screams for Jalal.

In the jungle, Jalal says I feel like someone is calling me, he says that maybe these marks are distracting us? Maan Singh says don’t worry we will find Jodha soon, Jalal find Jodha’s bangle and flashback shows Jalal gifting these bangles to jodha, he says it will be awesome if you wear these bangles in jashn, he makes her wear it, flashback end, Jalal says to Maan Singh its Jodha’s bangle, we should go on this only as Jodha has thrown them to guide us.

Jodha starts walking in the jungle, suddenly soldiers surrounds her, 1st Jodha think its Jalal’s soldiers but then she comes to know that its MahaC’s soldiers, she is circled by them and has no way to run. One soldier says we should send her to MahaC and we will get rewards, Jodha thinks not to get caught by them, they say grab her, Jodha says don’t come near me, they catches Jodha and Jodha shouts for Jalal, Jalal hear it and follows the path. Soldiers are taking Jodha away when Khaibar comes and beats them, one soldier says to Khaibar, you are with us, don’t beat us, we are your friends and this Jodha is your enemy, Kahibar doesn’t listen to him and beats the hell out of the soldiers, while Jodha stands there shocked. Khaibar comes to Jodha and try to ask her why did she come out of cave. Khaibar hold Jodha by her shoulders, Jalal comes from behind and thinks he is hurting her, he attacks Khaibar with sword on his back and injures him, Jodha screams shehenshah, Kahibar looks back, Jalal angrily look at Kahibar

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