Holding Onto A Fantasy
Do you remember back in high school or college when you had this terrific guy that was hot and sexy in every way? He was simply perfect for you, or so you thought, so you were absolutely devastated when he dropped you. Nearly everyone has someone like this in their past. That’s not the part that can continue to be a problem in your current and future relationships, though.
The problem with these past loves is that over the years they tend to turn into fantasies. Now, fantasies are great for certain purposes. However, when you tend to let these fantasies build up in your mind over time, you’ve got such a picture in your head about what you must have as a partner that you’re not giving anyone a realistic chance to become a part of your life. It’s when you find yourself alone in life, romantically speaking, because you’ve allowed the fantasy boyfriend from the past to take over your life that fantasies become an issue.
These fantasies that keep you from meeting someone that could potentially be important in your life are totally unhealthy. No one should allow something that once was to take over their life in the present and prohibit them from having a future with someone. If you’re someone that has held onto a fantasy man of the past, you’re not doing yourself any favors by continuing this dream.
It’s never a good thing to keep reality at bay because of a fantasy man. If you continue to do this, you’ll never find the one that you’re meant to be with through the rest of your life. Think back to that past fantasy man and make yourself remember why the two of you split up. There was a reason and that’s what you must make yourself focus on if you’re to ever bring yourself into the present.
When you continue to hold onto a fantasy man of the past, you’ll be comparing every man you meet to him. Depending on how long you’ve been building him up in your mind, the fantasy may have become a fairy tale Prince Charming that no man will ever live up to. It also means that you need to work harder in order to get him out of your head. That man has most likely moved on to marry and have children. If it hasn’t been that long since the breakup, he may simply have just moved on to his next girlfriend. Either way, you’re no longer with him, and you need to keep that in mind.
When it comes to holding onto a fantasy, you need to understand that you’re setting yourself up to becoming the crazy cat lady that lives by herself in the house on the hill. Let go of that fantasy and allow a real man to come into your life for a genuine relationship. Fantasies are great when used in the right context. However, they can also be the worst things in the world if you choose to let them rule your life from now on.

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