18 TikTok Organic Post Best Practices

18 TikTok Organic Post
Best Practices

  1. Ask strategic questions that help you to identify possible customers.
  2. Direct viewers to take the next step in your funnel – comment, claim a free
    report, tag a friend, etc
  3. Use sneak peeks for info shared later in the video to get longer views.
  4. Have a clear CTA such as telling viewers to click the link in your bio, but also
    ask them to comment so that you get visible engagement.
  5. Use captions and images that make people stop in their tracks and watch what
    you have to say.
  6. Use video to tell your backstory; help them fall in love with you.
  7. Show humor and sass with your takes on memes and trends.
  8. Search for hashtags your target audience is using consistently.
  9. Look at profiles of people that fall into your target audience and take note. What
    are they talking about, what kind of videos do they share, what are they
    complaining about, what resonates with them?
  10. Don’t go straight for the biggest or most viral hashtags because it’s easy to get
    lost in the noise. Aim for mid-range volume hashtags instead.
  11. Engage with your video commenters and ask them questions, especially the
    early commenters to help build more momentum.
  12. Upload videos with native audio that other people would want to use in their
    own videos. Your profile automatically gets linked on their video when they use
    your audio.
  13. Keep it funny, candid, and informal, even when sharing busines information.
    These types of videos perform best.
  14. Show potential customers your fun side by participating in trending challenges.
    Remember, people do business with people they like.
  15. Turn on the Q&A feature so that users can ask questions that you can then
    answer with a video.
  16. Skip the hard selling. TikTok is big on fun and light content, don’t turn people off
    with hard sales tactics before they even get a chance to know you.
  17. Start your posts with an impactful visual. People are quick to swipe and scroll to
    the next post so grab their attention right away with an interesting visual.
  1. TikTok can sometimes hide the outer edges of the video so keep all the
    important elements (text overlays, focal points) towards the center.

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