Relationship compatibility

Relationship compatibility
When you first start to date, you may feel that everything “fits” between you and your new girlfriend or boyfriend. You notice everything that you have in common and gloss over your differences. Because you want to please and impress your new partner, you may pretend to like or dislike things that you feel will please him or her. For instance, a man may go cheerfully to the ballet with a woman while she watches football with him. This is totally about their infatuation with each other and not their natural interests.
People are also careful with their behavior in the beginning. For instance, he may not wear socks with holes in the toes because it might embarrass her. She may agree to sex more frequently than she likes to please him.
But eventually the rose colored glasses come off and the efforts to win the other person tend to settle down. At that point, a couple may look at each other and think, “do we really have anything in common?”
But, having put so much into the relationship, they might think they have to stick it out.
But, at some point, the issues you have been ignoring become unavoidable. You can no longer pretend that they don’t exist.
This report will look at the basic compatibility issues. Specifically, we will examine 12 dimensions of compatibility and how they relate to romantic relationships.
Physical Attraction
The first thing Kyle noticed about Rhonda was her long blond hair. He liked the way it swirled around her face, framing and giving definition to it. He went over to her in the bar based on that initial attraction alone.
Rhonda didn’t think Kyle was all that attractive at first. After he bought her a couple of drinks though, she began to relax. Despite having too short hair and some acne scars, she began to see some of the physically attractive things about him. For instance, she saw just how expressive his eyes were and how his shy smile told her worlds about him.
Kyle and Rhonda have different standards for the importance of physical attractiveness in their mates.
Rhonda will probably have to work harder to keep up appearances to keep Kyle’s interest than Kyle will to keep hers. Rhonda will look at other compatibility aspects to determine whether she is satisfied with the relationship.
People have different desires for the intellect of their partners. Some people want to be in a relationship with someone who is their intellectual peer while others want to feel smarter than their partner. Still others like to look up to someone who is smarter than they are.
Jaclyn had her master’s degree in Special Education and was a master teacher at a local high school. She taught future teachers at the university part time as well.
Robert was an electrician who had a 12th grade education and an apprenticeship following high school. While he had business and street smarts, he wasn’t particularly intellectual.
Whenever the disparity in education came up, Robert liked to point out to Jaclyn that despite her additional years at the university, he still made twice what she did.
If Robert and Jaclyn are going to succeed long term, they have to come to grips with the fact that they have different kinds of intellect and that they can value the ways in which the other is smart.

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