When it rains, a unique natural phenomenon occurs. Water pours from the sky in heavy and continuous flows that make people unable to go about their daily business as usual. After rainfall, shops are flooded with water because of poor drainage systems which can be seen everywhere when we look around us at places like markets where traders try to park away excess rainwater outside so they can continue selling goods inside without any hindrance.
After heavy rainfall, shops in Port Harcourt are flooded with water. Many people can’t go about their normal business when it rains because of this. Most of the residents¬† have cried out on social media to raise awareness and encourage citizens to do something to prevent flooding whenever there is a downpour that may affect them.
On,  Friday and Saturday, August 27 and 28 2021, flooding with nearly five feet of water submerged a major part of Port Harcourt, Rumewhara area of port Harcourt, an Estate called peace drive, was at the receiving end. Vehicles were completely flooded and shops cannot function due to the thousands stranded by the floodwater.
See the video below:
[videopress pUsupd29]

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