I don’t want love at first sight,  I want Relationship|| 200 Level Uniport Student

I don’t want love at first sight,  I want Relationship.
So, you have been single for a while and suddenly you meet someone who seems to be everything that you wanted in a guy. You think it’s the person of your dreams but there is something about him/her that makes it difficult for you to trust them completely…
A 200level Uniport student has cried out, that she is tired of love at first sight.
I want a man who is God-fearing.
“Every woman wants a good man, but not all women want to be with God-fearing men.” Uniport student
I don’t want any of the key players in my life who are afraid of anything – except for maybe spiders! I’m looking forward to being part of some great adventures and accomplishing things that will benefit society as well as myself. A good heart is what matters most.
[videopress BYkgT8mh]
After being hurt by love at first sight multiple times, the 200 level accounting student has decided to take a break from relationships.

According to the 200 level accounting student, Ruth Funmi  “most guys love only for a moment.” Watch it below.

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