God’s Servant, Dr David Yongi Cho has gone to be with the Lord Jesus at the age of 85. He passed on to glory today 14 September 2021.
Pastor and Co-Founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God), at a time the world’s largest single congregation.
A lover of God who led the revival in the Republic of Korea.
A most humble man. A life invested in God, a life fully abandoned at the feet of Christ.
We thank God for a seed that became a harvest.
Your works do follow you.
Thank you Jesus.
Pastor Joshua Iginla, has written a farewell message on his Facebook page, bidding the deceased farewell. Read his words below:
Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity for your warm embrace as a true father who gave me wings to fly limitlessly.
A South Korean yet spiritually available to father me regardless of tribe, distance and country. Your wisdom, teaching and instructions will abide with me forever.
One may think with the millions of congregation under your care you may not be available for mentorship but that was never the case with you Dear Father, you could identify the few chosen among the thousands that were called and you mentored through every available means.
Oh father my heart bleeds but I know some day we will meet and not part again at the feet of our Heavenly Father.
In the channels of Divinity, mankind is a creature of Divine appointment (Job 7:1). Yet, men wrapped in the immortality of God don’t die, they only transit to another realm of GLORY. On this day, my spiritual father, a generational icon, trailblazer, pathfinder and a man wrapped in the immortality of God, in the person of PASTOR PAUL YONGI CHO has answered to his GLORIOUS HOME CALL.
I will forever miss you Daddy, the world can never recover from the supernatural handwritings of your Divine impact and impartation. Myself and the entire family of CHAMPIONS ROYAL ASSEMBLY celebrate your life well lived to the Glory of God.
You have fought a good fight and will forever be in my heart. REST IN PEACE DAVID YOUNGGI CHO.
Pastor E.A Adeboye bids YOUNGGI CHO farewell, in his message he said;
Several years ago, I visited South Korea because I heard of a man who had the largest Church in the world, he had a congregation of half a million people, by the time I visited him, he had an auditorium that could take approximately fifty thousand people, he was having seven services on Sundays.
I heard him say in the service that we attended telling the members who came one Sunday to please not come back next Sunday so that those who couldn’t come last Sunday can come next Sunday.
I said God, so you can do this?
Some years ago, I returned to South Korea, I had a meeting with the same man. The first time I was there, people like me could not come near the office but this time around, I went to his office at his invitation, when we met he said I have heard of you, will you please pray for me?
Till we meet again on the resurrection morning, Rest in God’s presence Pastor Dr. David Yonggi
Pastor Adeboye with Pastor YOUNGGI CHO 

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