What can you do for love? Or better put, what have you done for love? Read below, the story of a popular public figure on facebook, and an influencer OLABISJ EKWUEME AJAI.
She had a throw back picture of when she tried to change her skin color because of love, or better put, because she wanted to be the one and only for her Ex. Read her words below:[the_ad_group id=”721963832″]
Low self esteem is a morafoka. I temporarily suffered from it a few years ago. I was with a philanderer. And when he told me his latest girl, (my rival), was mixed race, half Naija, half Brazilian, my insecure self rushed off to buy bleaching cream so I could compete with her. He lied. She is a Yoruba girl like me.
Facebook reminded me of the post I did a few years ago on this, 5 years ago.
‘TBT… of me some 15 years ago when I tried skin bleaching. Lol.
You have heard the story of how I tried to bleach abi? Here is a picture of me then. You have not? You must be new here or new to FIN. Lol.

Ex mi, o’n se nkan, sina ni wo’n pe. My ex , he did something, they call it promiscuity. That guy could (still can?) promiscuitise for Africa.
So, I suspected that his latest side chic lived nearby cos the buzzer would go off and he would tell me not to check. The buzzer would be incessant like ‘ I KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE!!!’ So, I suspected that Dafe was seeing someone nearby. Because no one could come from a far place without confirming that they would be let in.
So, I asked him questions. Then he dropped the bomb shell. Yes, he was seeing a girl in the neighbourhood. And she was mixed race. What kind of race mixing I asked. Half Naija, half Brazilian. JEZOZ! Exotic Braz and fantastic Naija combo?[the_ad id=”3677″]
At this time, my self esteem was already zero. Dafe had seriously fingered by brain wella by that time. This news of a mixed race rival pushed my self esteem from zero to minus. How. Am. I. Supported. To. Compete. With a mixed race rival!? Yall know how beautiful mixed race peeps are. JEZOZ! What to do? What to do? WHAT TO DO!?!?


So, I went to Deptford market and got creams in tubes. And you know that when a bleaching cream is dangerously strong, it gets put in a tube. And they are given names like Betnoderm or Dermovate or something like that sha.[the_ad_placement id=”manual-placement”]
So, I started bleaching. Before you could say jakro, in less than a week, I was already mixed race looking. Then, by the second week, my skin started revolting and I broke out in big carbuncles on my face. Thank God for those carbuncles.
That was what reset my brain back to zero self esteem from the minus. I suddenly remembered that I have naturally beautiful skin which is so beautiful that I get complimented for it. Skin that naturally glows which I got from my Ladega genes – my mum’s side.[the_ad_group id=”721963832″]

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