Will you marry me? Philip Emmanuel SBNS

Philip Emmanuel, an admin of a  group on facebook, by the name SINGLE BUT NOT STUPID aka SBNS, has dropped one bombshell of a post about Singles and searching. And he was particular about single sisters who form single and busy, but deep inside they are interested in a serious relationship.  Read his words below: [the_ad_group id=”721963832″]
A sister somewhere is really looking forward to when this question will be thrown at her and unfortunately it doesn’t even look like it will happen anytime soon and yet she can’t connect the dots.
Pressure is already creeping in for some, it is obvious you are not getting younger and the one who should say something is deaf and dumb but the ones who should be under their parents care are sending you Facebook messages.[the_ad_group id=”721963832″]
I’m thinking of someone somewhere who’s bothered about not being approached by the the kind of guys she envisioned and this is for a pretty damsel who is tired of being single.
Boys have their own headache but let me send this note to my beloved sisters.
I understand that you are wondering why the right brothers just ain’t coming and at the same time you don’t want to appear cheap because there is this popular notion you have that you are a diamond and a rare gem, hence the brothers should do the chasing and not the other way round.[the_ad_group id=”721963832″]
Well, if the guys are to do the finding, what are you supposed to do while waiting to be found?
When all you do is go to church and work, then you are in for a rude shock.
Wait first oh.
How will the guys find you, when you are always in church where everybody’s eyes is on the pastor? In these days of large congregations and multiple short services, there is hardly a room for members of the church to interact well.[the_ad_group id=”721963832″]
As though that is not enough, you’ll still round off from church, pick your bag and run along to catch up with your girlfriends and then another typical meeting of sad single ladies wishing they had married long ago will begin again.
Social life, you don’t have. Boring friends within your predictable triangular church-work-home routine is all you have. Later you will be posting on your WhatsApp status that you are a gold, you are a diamond, you are this and you are that. Please say something else.[the_ad_group id=”721963832″]
Do you think because you are a diamond, so a guy must dig one one thousand feet below the ground to find you?
Don’t get me wrong please. Indeed you are not cheap but even diamonds leave a trail to where it can be found and the worth of a diamond isn’t because it is found deep beneath the surface.
Although you hardly find diamond in the refuge dumps of life but if you happen to stumble on one whether it is in the dump site, forest or museum, a true diamond is always a diamond.
Outside church activities and your typical job description at work, there is nothing you do again. You don’t engage in sports or games, no outdoor activities, even cocktail parties and dinners, you hardly attend.
You keep choking your people with your watertight principles and religious activities and then you are hoping God will reveal your name to a brother who is on a 40 days fast.
Well, we don’t rule out that possibility too.
But learn when to apply some break my dear, fun within your values is no sin. After you have loved the Lord your God with all your heart, you must then love your neighbour as the Lord loves you.
When the Lord wanted to display his love for you, he didn’t just sat in heaven and said “I love you and I hope you understand.” He came out and even stayed around for over thirty three years in the flesh. Aunty, you too should come out.[the_ad_group id=”721963832″]

I’m not asking you to be the community social prefect but venture out of your routine, create new expectations, experiences and excitements. A predictable Patten is boring.
SHE that must have friends, must show HERSELF friendly.
Boaz met Ruth is the harvest field, Rebecca got connected to Isaac at the well.
Some will meet their husband at the church but don’t rule out the super market, dinner party, burial ceremony, online community e.t.c
Expand you scope of availability, have a bubbling disposition. May you find the discernment to recognize him when you meet him irrespective of the place of meeting.

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