When I found out I was pregnant in 2018, I have two options and they both appeared to be difficult, it was like when God gave David the options of seven years of famine in the land, three months of fleeing before his enemies and three days of pestilence in the hands of God, David had three bad options but he was wise enough to choose the best option of falling into the hands of God that means no matter how bad the options before us are, we can still make a good choice out of them if we are not selfish.

Pastor Mrs Motunrayo Babs. Wife of senior Pastor, Mega grace Assembly, Ibadan. PASTOR FUNSO BABS.


My case was different from David in the sense that both options appeared to be the best, I tried looking at both from different perspective and angles but they but appears to be the best, it all depends on if I want to be selfish or not, I have to choose from borrowing from the devil to satisfy the present or the choice of having to pay for the consequences of my present action forever.
Yes, I have a choice to either save a life or ruin it without mercy, I can’t believe I was being tempted to take a life in the first place, this is what I vowed never to do even before I got married but here I am struggling between the two choices even after marriage. The devil said my baby is just too small to feel anything, but the Spirit said just because I can’t see or feel it doesn’t mean it’s not alive. I struggled to hang on to what I have heard from people in the past that abortion is just  the shedding of an unwanted blood, but on searching the scriptures I found out that the life of every creature is in its blood Lev 17 v 11&14.

In my distress, I knew one of the choices before me appeared to be better but I lacked the will power to say yes to it, so I decided to seek the face of God because I have learned overtime that the best antidote for temptation is prayer. I went into forty days fasting and prayer and I received strength in the place of prayer to make the best choice, yes I choose to save my baby or do you expect me to choose myself when I have the opportunity to save a life? I thought I was saving a life but little did I know that I was saving two precious lives. I choose to endure the mockery of men. I told myself “this also shall come to pass” whatever people have to say will only last for a year, but if I choose to do otherwise, I know the feeling of guilt will be for a lifetime.

Chloe and Zoe Bas


The devil showed up again, showing me the picture of my four kids telling me they can live a better life if I choose to sacrifice my unborn baby, he wanted me to see God’s blessing as a burden, he reminded me of my salary that has been withheld for months, he told me about my present accommodation status because we had electrical issues with our house and so we had to move in to my in-law’s apartment. He also showed me the future mockery and unending questions that I will have to answer but like Jesus I told the devil it’s written  “Thou shall not kill”, he asked me for the bible reference and I told him I stopped where Jesus stopped after all my Savior did not quote any references. I told the devil I am answerable to God alone on this matter.
Abortion is a  personal decision, I don’t care if your boyfriend, husband, parents, sugar daddies or the devil gives you the gun to kill your unborn child, you can either choose to pull the trigger or drop the gun.
Space and time will not permit me to pen down all I went through but in all God made me to be wiser than the devil. I was shocked when the Doctor confirmed I am having twins on my first appointment,  this has been my   husband prayer points for years but we gave up after having four kids. The answer came four years later and the devil would  have successfully used me to destroyed the answer to our prayers. How many time have we ruined or missed our answers just because it came in different packages and in God’s timing?. Men and brethren God still answers all prayers but in his own way and in his  timing.
October 25th, 2019 I set my eyes on my twins though I was weak and could not hold them in my hands but  I couldn’t help thanking God for saving me from bloodshed and I did not just birthed my twins that day, I also gave birth to a vision that is far greater than me, a vision of building a CITY OF REFUGE not just for women who needed a roof over their head because they choose to say no to abortion but is also a place for rape victims and women who are going through any form of abuse and to those who are planning to abort their God’s gift because of the financial implications, A place for children who are going through hell because they have lost their mother and finally to those elderly women in the market begging to carry loads that is capable of breaking them down just for a token that will give them their daily bread. The vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it will speak because Jehovah will hasten it in it’s time.
No child deserve to die,  they shouldn’t pay for the sin of their parents, it’s wrong to make an innocent child to pay for the consequences of our actions I don’t care the number of countries where this has been legalized, I stand with the word of God, abortion equals to murder, ls high time we call it by his real name “MURDER” if you are joining the multitude to call it shedding of an unwanted blood, you are wrong that’s a lie from the pit of hell don’t buy it and stop selling it.

To all my Sister’s out there Abortion is like fighting your own flesh and blood though the baby is always the victim but you can’t be too sure because you don’t have absolute control over the outcome, the process might also leave you with a scar that will be a constant reminder of your actions. if you ever find your self at this junction, don’t take any d

ecision based on what will people say don’t forget you will be answerable to God alone so don’t solve a temporary problem by creating a permanent one, the people will move on with their children and grandchildren but you will face the consequences of your actions all alone it’s better you face the world with that pregnancy for just nine months than to jump into eternity with blood in your hands.

To all the men out there, each time you reject any pregnancy you are responsible for, you are waging war against your own flesh and blood, stop the killings, stop giving your wives and girlfriends the bullets to kill your unborn child either by sponsoring the act or by not owning up to your actions, the truth is that you both are responsible.
If you have been entangled with the web of abortion in the past, it’s time to let go of your past so that you can truly live, there’s a blood that speak better things than
the one in your hands, come to the fountain the blood will purge you of your guilt and stains.
To all third party, when you see any woman who made the choice of saving a life, don’t send them on guilty trip again, the only way you can persuade a woman not to kill her unborn child is through love and support.
To all those who are still indulging in adultery and fornication, it is not too late to repent, Sin is like a pregnancy no matter how hard you try, you can’t to hide it forever, it has a way of finding you out according to the scripture.
To those who mocked me, I am not offended, To those who took time to lecture me on family planning, I say thank you.
To my father in the Lord, Bishop I.O Morakinyo, thank you Sir for standing by us.
To Dr. Amotsuka of J Rapha Hospital, you saw ahead of the devil and you ensured my girls landed safely. Thank you for giving us a room at the Vintage center.
To my friends, Mrs Omolara Enitilo and Mrs Funmilola Esomojumi, your love towards my twins is well appreciated.
To God Almighty for being our covering for the past two years, we are grateful.
To every woman waiting to experience the joy of motherhood, is your season every word of  prophecy you have held unto is becoming flesh and by this time next year you be nursing your babies.
In memory of all Aborted children.
I am Motunrayo Babs
@Charismedia & Captures.

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