Federal university Lokoja Students WhatsApp Group


Are you among the students either old or new students searching for the federal university Lokoja Fulokoja WhatsApp Group? If yes then you are in the right place.

The WhatsApp Group is being center to unite the students for more information concerning the school, to know more about Federal university Lokoja, Fulokoja Students WhatsApp Group continue reading to know how to join the WhatsApp group and the main purpose of the group.

Joining the group will give you access to mingle with your fellow and interact together, the group is open for any one who willing to know more about federal university Lokoja.


Many students are missing a lot of news, so we have created a reliable group to give all the students a legi news and also give them access to interact to each other’s in other for them to share common thoughts between themselves either the new students or old students, the group has no limitations to anyone, the group is mainly for the new students and the existing students in Fulokoja. And anyone willing to know more.

We all know, information is very powerful, lack of information may make you to be lacking behind of your colleagues, with the help of this group all the necessary information needed will be share in the group.


Rules And Regulations Of The Group

Federal university Lokoja (Fulokoja) WhatsApp Group have their own group rules and regulations make sure you abide by the rules because any one found violating or misbehaving in the rules will be removed without any notification so kindly read it Below :

  • Do not asked anyone for Money
  • Chat fighting is not allowed take note because if found guilty you will be removed.
  • Posting of irrelevant link to the group is also prohibited.

Now that you have seen the rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide with it kindly click HERE to join Federal university Lokoja Fulokoja WhatsApp Group.


Quickly click the above link to join the Fulokoja WhatsApp group,Joining the group will give you access to the information concerning the school.

For more information you can also drop your comments in the comment box and I will reply You, if you find this useful, kindly share with friends and your fellow students.

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