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Definitely you are one of those searching for University Of Jos Students WhatsApp Group , well you are in the right Portal that provide chat room for all University students around Nigeria and Ghana so continue reading to see where to click in order to join the University Of Jos Students WhatsApp Group.

UniJos is one of the top university in Nigeria which is situated in the northern part of Nigera His to be precise , most students have been searching for a platform where they can meet their fellow students in the school but unichatme have come up with a platform to bring all the students together.

University Of Delta Agbor UNIDEL Students WhatsApp Group

Aim of the Group

The main aim of this UniJos group is to bring all the students together in one platform both the aspirant and people already studying in the school. In this group aspirant have the right to ask the group any questions and someone will be ready to attend to you and also the Students already studying in UniJos will also provide guide for the aspirant on how the school is running and guide on how to do some certain things in the institution after gaining admission. Is also a platform that provide means of making new friends because you are open to different people and as such you can easily communicate with any one in the group, note the group have his own rules and regulations so try to abide with it to avoid issue.

Category Of People in the Group

The UniJos WhatsApp group comprise of different Category of members we have Student aspiring for the university they are also allowed to join likewise Students that are already studying in the university even lecturers and tutors are also allowed to join provided you don’t violate the group rule’s.

UniJos Students WhatsApp group

UniJos Group rules and regulations

University of Jos UniJos Students WhatsApp Group have their own group rules and regulations make sure you abide by the rules because any one found violating the rules will be removed without any notification so kindly read it Below :

  • Do not asked anyone for Money
  • Chat fighting is not allowed take note because if found guilty you will be removed.
  • Posting of irrelevant link to the group is also prohibited.

Now that you have seen the rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide with it kindly click HERE to join  University Of Jos Students WhatsApp Group.


From this group you can now join University of Jos UniJos Students WhatsApp Group make sure you share this post to your friends and don’t forget to us the comment box to air your view below.

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