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I specifically welcome you to my today’s blog post, in today’s blog post, I will be sharing an alternative way for all the students in University Of Ghana In other for them to be hearing the latest news from the school management. We the official’s  we know the important of information reaching our students very early so that students will not miss any news from the school management, this now make us to create a reliable and alternative WhatsApp Group for all the new students and the existing students, to know how to join the students WhatsApp group and what is happening in the group after news, then you must continue reading so as not to miss anything, University Of Ghana Students WhatsApp Group link below………..


The purpose of the students WhatsApp group is to provide the students with the information rolling from the school management, with the help of this students WhatsApp Group, this will bring the students together to interact and share thoughts among themselves.

One of the interesting part of it all is that, the students WhatsApp Group is open for all students to chat and also have fun in the group.

Rules And Regulations

University of Ghana students WhatsApp Group, there have set a rules and regulations which will be as a guide to all the students either old or new, make sure you abide by the rules because any one found violating the rules and regulations  will be removed without any notification so kindly read it Below :

  • Do not asked anyone for Money
  • Chat fighting is not allowed take note because if found guilty you will be removed.
  • Posting of irrelevant link to the group is also prohibited.

Now that you have seen the rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide with it kindly click HERE to join  University Of Ghana Students WhatsApp Group.


To avoid be kick out of the group make sure you abide by the rules and regulations guiding the group…

If you find this useful kindly share with your friends, any questions regarding to this you can also make use of the comments box and I will reply  to all your questions.

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