Are You A Nigerian Studying In USA ? Here’s A WhatsApp Group Link For All Nigerian Students Studying In USA.


Everyone’s dream is to go to abroad and study either with scholarship or you sponsor your self but another question is as a Nigerian Students in USA is it possible to see alot of Students that are Nigeria citizen , well UNICHATME.COM will make this possible for you because in this article I will be dropping Nigerian Students In USA WhatsApp Group Link where you can meet it of Nigerians studying in USA , so make sure you read this post to the end so as to join the group.



Well in this section I’m going to be outlining some benefit that you can get from the group when you join but before that take not this group is mainly for Nigerians studying in United States of America USA so don’t join if you are not one of them because the group is strictly for Nigerians studying in USA only.

So kindly check out the benefits of joining the group below :

  • You will see fellow students from Nigeria
  • You can make new friends
  • You can share ideas/ knowledge.
  • You are free to asked questions on any topic you did not understand very well and someone in the group can render help.

Please kindly take note of the group rules and regulations before you join the WhatsApp group thanks.


  • Do not chat fight in the group
  • Don’t share unnecessary link to the group.
  • Do not pay money to any one in the group for any reason if some one ask you for money kindly report to admin for quick action.
  • No posting of pornography in the group.
  • The group is for only Nigeria Students studying in USA.

Now that you have seen the WhatsApp group rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide by it kindly click HERE to join the group.


From this article you can now see Nigerian Students In USA WhatsApp Group Link. Don’t forget to share this post to your friends and use the comment box to drop your comment.

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