University Of Ibadon UI Students WhatsApp Group


There is no doubt that you are currently searching for University Of Ibadon UI Students WhatsApp Group Link or Google and that is why you are here , well you are in the right Portal “UNICHATME.COM” where all Universities Students in Nigeria join their school chat room/group and communicate with Each other ,so to join the UI Students WhatsApp group make sure you read this post to the end.

University Of Ibadon UI Students WhatsApp Group

UI as we all know is one of the oldest school in Nigeria with alot of Students as well as people aspiring to study in the school but the is their a chat room or group for the institution well the answer to that is YES kindly check out the link to the group below.

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Most students will be asking what’s the main purpose of creating this University Of Ibadon UI Students WhatsApp Group well I will be outlining some reasons for creating the group below :

  • One of the reasons for creating this group is to create a platform for all UI Students for them to share knowledge with each other online.
  • Get update or information about the school for both aspirant and Students already studying in the school.
  • Make new friends with fellow students.
  • Make the fresh aspirant to get idea of how the admission process is.
  • The group also create a room for members to asked questions in any topic and someone will be available to give you answer and guide.

So take note in the group we have different categories of members such as aspirant , Students in the school already as well as Tutors and lecturers.


In this section before you can join the UI kindly read through the rules and regulations of the group Below. :

  • Do not chat fight in the group
  • Don’t share unnecessary link to the group.
  • Do not pay money to any one in the group for any reason if some one ask you for money kindly report to admin for quick action.
  • No posting of pornography in the group.

Now that you have seen the UI Students WhatsApp group rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide by it kindly click HERE to join the group.


From this post you can now see link to University Of Ibadon UI Students WhatsApp Group kindly make sure you keep to the rules. Don’t forget to share this post to your friends and use the comment box to drop your comment about the post thanks.

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