Are You A Nigerian Studying In South Africa ? Here’s A WhatsApp Group Link For All Nigerian Students Studying In South Africa.


Finally we have found the solution to the barrier between the Nigerians who are studying in South Africa and those who are in Nigeria, we noticed so much about this to be the top ranking research of many Nigerian students who really want to chat and have fun with their fellow students in South Africa, with the help of the UNICHATME.COM, we have gone has far has to bring the two Nigerians together in other for them to chat and have fun as well as asking necessary questions which will be of help to each other.

This to announce to the Nigerians students who want to chat with  their fellow who are studying in South Africa, the WhatsApp group link will be available to all the Nigerians students.

Mind you , Their are rules and regulations guiding the group, I will advise you to abide by it, to avoid being removed from the group.


The benefits of joining the students WhatsApp Group are so numerous below I will drop some of the benefits in joining the group;


This one of the most important benefit in joining the group, Joining the group will give you quick access to your fellow students studying in South Africa, and become friends


This platform help the students to chat and have fun after becoming friends, this give room for chatting and having fun is also the great benefits in joining the WhatsApp Group


The group is a general group which allows everyone to ask questions on any areas, we’re you are confused or any course which is seriously given you problems, someone from the group might answer you’re questions.


  • Do not chat fight in the group
  • Don’t share unnecessary link to the group.
  • Do not pay money to any one in the group for any reason if some one ask you for money kindly report to admin for quick action.
  • No posting of pornography in the group.
  • The group is for only Nigerians students studying In South Africa and present students in Nigerians

Now that you have seen the WhatsApp group rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide by it kindly click the image below to join the group.

Ghana Students Studying In USA WhatsApp Group


Thanks for reading kindly take note of the rules and regulations and make sure you abide by it. You can use the comments button it are you and don’t forget to share. Goodluck.

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