Are You A Nigerian Studying In England ? Here’s A WhatsApp Group Link For All Nigerian Students Studying In England.


I welcome you all to my today’s article, in today’s article I will be discussing the simple way to interact to Nigerians students who are currently studying in England, “WOW” what comes into your mind is impossible right?; I most say with the help of everything is possible, all you have to do is to continue and carefully reading  today’s article till the end we’re you will see the Nigerian Students Studying In England WhatsApp Group Link


The WhatsApp group is being created for Nigerians students who are currently studying in england and help their fellow Nigerians students also to join and chat and have fun as well, this now brings the spirit of Nigerians love to all Nigerians students, great indeed.

For those who are yet to join the WhatsApp Group quick click the link below to join the WhatsApp Group before it will be feed up.


The group is being center to bring the Nigerians together as one, this show distance is not a barrier to Nigerians students to chat with their fellow students who are currently studying in England, The group is open for all students to chat and have fun, making new friends, meeting some intelligent and brave students who are studying in England, never you miss this great opportunity.

  • Educational purpose
  • Making friends
  • Catch fun/cruise
  • Helping each other’s in terms of need

   The group is the best place to be if you have interest in studying in England, also for those who are currently studying in England can now give you some of the tip to get to we’re their or equally give you some scope and nature of the study’s  in England “WOW”. Am sure you will not like to miss out this.


The WhatsApp group have rules and regulations, every students who want to join must not disobey the rules and regulations or else, you will be removed from the group without any notification from the admin, read the rules and regulations carefully;


  • Do not chat fight in the group
  • Don’t share unnecessary link to the group.
  • Do not pay money to any one in the group for any reason if some one ask you for money kindly report to admin for quick action.
  • No posting of pornography in the group.
  • The group is for only Nigerians students studying In England and present students in Nigerians

Now that you have seen the WhatsApp group rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide by it kindly click the image below to join the group.


For you not to miss out  quickly click the image below and it will take you directly to the WhatsApp Group.

Nigerian Students Studying In England Students WhatsApp Group Link


This article have given you the answer to what you are searching for so please try as much as possible to abide by the rules and Regulations of the group. Thanks for reading and please help us to share this article and use the commebbox to drop you via about the post.

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