Are You A Nigerian Studying In Switzerland ? Here’s A WhatsApp Group Link For All Nigerian Students Studying In Switzerland.


There is no doubt that you are currently searching for a group where you can meet all Nigerian students studying In Switzerland well if yes today’s article which I titled “Are You A Nigerian Studying In Switzerland ? Here’s A WhatsApp Group Link For All Nigerian Students Studying In Switzerland ” will help you with the whatsapp group link to all Nigerians students in Switzerland WhatsApp Group so continue reading to get the complete details such as some benefits you will derive from joining the group and also thw rules and regulations of the group.

In Switzerland we have alot of Nigerian Studying there either with scholarship or self sponsored so here I will dropping a WhatsApp group link to the group.


Below is few benefits In joining the WhatsApp;

  • Platform of making new friends
  • Open chat for interacting and catching fun
  • Relevant Question and answer with the group
  • Helping each other’s to understand difficult courses

With this few benefits, you can now see the group is the best place to be, all you have to do is your obedience to the rules and regulations to avoid being kick out of the group.


  • Do not chat fight in the group
  • Don’t share unnecessary link to the group.
  • Do not pay money to any one in the group for any reason if some one ask you for money kindly report to admin for quick action.
  • No posting of pornography in the group The group is for only Nigerian  students studying In Switzerland  and present students in Nigerian 


To join Nigerians students studying in Switzerland WhatsApp Group, click the image below and it will take you automatically to the WhatsApp Group.


Now that you have seen the benefits and the rules and regulations guiding the group, i most say you are fully ready to abide.

Thank you for going through my today’s article.

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