2022-2023 Fully Funded Scholarship In Germany Aspirant Active WhatsApp Group Link


Unichatme have come again with a great information, are you among those who are willing to study in Germany, but find it so difficult since you don’t have anyone to sponsor you to study in your dream country,  and you don’t have the finance to sponsor yourself, very well, in today’s article, I will be reviewing the Fully Funded Scholarship In Germany Aspirant Active WhatsApp Group Link, for you not to miss out this great opportunity keep on reading to find out exactly what is happening in the WhatsApp group,


The WhatsApp Group is being created for everyone who want to participate in the fully funded scholarship in Germany, do you have interest in studying in Germany, if yes then this your opportunity to make your dream come to reality, giving everyone one equal right to study in your dream country for free, without you paying a dim to anyone.

the fully funded scholarship is totally for free, all your have to do is to join the WhatsApp Group, and wait for admin instruction on how to go about the scholarship program.


below are some of the benefits which you will receive from the WhatsApp Group,

  • fully Funded Scholarship news from the official to all the aspirants
  • Chatting forum for all the aspirants, giving all the aspirants to chat and have fun
  • making new friends from the group
    Everyone is free to Ask relevant questions concerning the Fully funded scholarship, and answer  will given by the  admin’s

The WhatsApp Group is now active for all the aspirants who want to participate, the WhatsApp Group is fully open for everyone to chat, join now before it will get feed up.

Note; the WhatsApp Group have rules and regulations guiding the group, everyone must obey the rules and regulations , anyone find violating the rules and regulations will be removed from the Group without notification.


  • No one is allow to ask anyone for money
  • No posting of link
  • No insult
  • No posting of Pornography


Am very sure you have seen  the rules and regulations, and you agree to abide by the rules and regulations, click the image below, and it will take you automatically to the WhatsApp Group, to avoid being kick out, make sure you key to the rules.


Unichatme thank you all for reading today’s article, this a great privilege for everyone who have dream of studying in Germany, with the help of the group, you can now get access to participate and mingle with your fellow aspirants.

Any questions concerning the fully Funded Scholarship In Germany Aspirant Active WhatsApp Group Link, You are free to drop your comment in the comments box below.

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