I was with one of my mentors recently and he started a discussion with me and others with me of how a young Nigerian woman, who was an entrepreneur, raised 3.5 million Naira from family and friends in order to start up her business! 3.5 million naira? Not through loans or Investors but through FAMILIES AND FRIENDS. Now, her company is worth millions of dollars!

What are you becoming?

The question my mentor asked me was “John, do you have friends that can give you N10,000 without restraints if you ask them?” 
You should understand that we attract who we become. Solomon said “The rich have many friends.” Mute Efe said “It is easier for success to come out of success.”
As you grow or advance, certain things will be attracted to you because of who you become. The question is what do you want to become? What are you Becoming? If Dangote decides to organize an event today, you can imagine the calibre of individuals that will grace the event. Successful people know themselves, great people know each other.
It is much more easier for people to help you when they know helping you is like making an investment. Become an investment for people.
How do you become an investment? Add value, give value, become valuable. You must constantly grow into someone that gives value.
Your becoming starts from the place of defining who you are and who you want to become. The map then extends towards sketching where you are and where you want to be. Growth is not in number, it is in value. We know you are growing when we can trace results to you in terms of knowledge, ability, skills, stability and the people you can raise towards becoming like you or better than you.
Many of you have so many degrees or qualifications and yet you are not needed in society. This is because qualifications does not solve problems only skills does. Don’t just go after earning a degree, look for a problem and grow into that ability or skill required to solve that problem. 
Become valuable.
May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.
John Ogah,

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