Words on marbles by John Ogah

Words on marbles by John Ogah
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Some of you wait till Christmas before you contemplate what you intend to give to someone around you. This is what I call “legal eye service.” Though it’s important yet it really holds no water. It’s just a norm.

Learn to show people that you don’t wait for festive seasons before you remember them. You can start calling now to check up on them. You can send a message with an amount of airtime (N100 or abo

John Ogah

ve) telling them how much they mean to you. You can send a text. Send a picture reminding them of old memories.

Don’t be the last to add value. Don’t wait till Christmas before you check up on people. When last did you send an SMS to your former secondary school mate? When last did you tell your neighbours to come over for dinner.
Let people feel your impact. You don’t have to buy the world for them however you can make them feel like the only one in the world.
You can post pictures of the people that made your year on your whatsapp status. Celebrate their strengths. Make them feel royal. Little acts of appreciation goes a long way.
Stand out from the crowd. Buy a book for them. Take them out. You can do this before Christmas.
Don’t be a Santa Claus that only shows up during Christmas.
During the beginning of this year, you sat down with a pen and a notepad writing down all you wanted to achieve this year. A large percentage of you reading this can’t even remember what you wrote down. Lol. Relax, even the angel standing beside you is wondering what you intend to do.
2022 draws upon us and you are sitting or standing reading this article, asking yourself “what can I do?” Have you put the words of 2022 into your mouth? Have you decreed what it should be? Have you decided to enter into the year before it arrives?
There are certain things you must understand as you step into the new year:
The easiest way to plan for every year is to first define who you want to be. When you’ve done that, it is much more easier to know what you must do to be the picture of what you see yourself becoming in the new year.
Young man, if you have not done what you were supposed to do during this year, don’t even think of trying to make new ones. Start all over again. Process is mandatory for greatness. Stop all these yeye new year goals for the year or new year restitution. What are the plans you could not achieve this year? Write them down and work on them next year.
Never has it be written that success is achieved by accident. It never has and would never be. Is there success by chance? Perhaps. However, it is quite rare. But no one has ever become successful by accident. Plan, plan and plan! See the end from the beginning.
The devil will, in this season, want to cause you to fret concerning the end of this year or the new year by placing negative thoughts in your mind. Rebuke them immediately! Place them under your feet. Claim the promises of God for your life and declare what he has promised for you.
I love Liverpool’s motto “We will never walk alone.” The strength of a man is in raising people that will catch him whenever he falls. King Solomon says if one walks alone, there is no one who will catch him when he falls. Who are you stepping into the new year with? Step with people who:
1. Know God
2. Have and ACCOMPLISH goals
3. have visions
4. Who have unflinching loyalty
5. A friend that sticketh closer than a brother
In the new year, be ready to walk and work with wisdom. The Lord will be ready to pour out his wisdom massively on those who will ask and need it for the new year. Don’t be left out. A sign that God is grooming you for the end time army is the presence of wisdom at work in your life. If you are among the end time army and you’ve not seen it, ask the Lord for mercy and let him pour it out in you liberally.
Take charge! 2022 is under your feet! Your life does not have to remain the same!
Above all beloved, it is the will of God for the new year that you give thanks always
May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.
©John Ogah


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