Between July and August last year, I stepped into a realm I had never stepped into before. My brain (mind) was enlarged and I could think better and wiser than I had ever did. What exactly happened?
I came across a strange man here on Facebook and discovered that this man had an unusual spirit of Wisdom operating in his life. Through his articles and behaviour, I sensed that the spirit of wisdom was heavy upon him and I wanted to have what he had.
He calls himself the “wisdom teacher” and I’m not surprised because his articles literally causes a shift in my mind and I am like “which Ancient Spirit of Wisdom dwells in this one?”
As I sat in church one day, the Lord placed in my heart what I could do to access the wisdom that was visible in the man’s life. As soon as I did that, my life never remained the same. The success behind the wisdom that you find in my articles is a product of what I am about to share with you: THE LAW OF HONOUR.
I heard a story of how Aliko Dangote, before he made it so big, left his plane seat for Late Bishop Idahosa to sit on. Bishop Idahosa felt so special that he opened his mouth and placed a blessing on Dangote. This blessing was that the wealth of Africa would fall into his hands. Many years have passed and Dangote still remains the richest person in Africa.
You see, there are many men around you that you take for granted. You feel your life has it all till you come across a man that walks in one supernatural dimension that you desire to walk in too. Many of you have lost many opportunities because of your carelessness to practice this law.
What really is Honour? Honour is an acknowledgement of the gifts and talents and resources evident in the life of a man. It is a deliberate decision to show and tell a man that you don’t take him for granted and you appreciate who he is and what he carries.
Written by John Ogah


This world is hinged on laws and principles. It is a seed – harvest system that replicates not what you wish for but what you do. Wishes are fantasies, we are not living in Disneyland.
Honour comes with four commands:
RESPECT the individual, be SINCERE with your actions towards the individual, VALUE and APPRECIATE what the individual carries, SOW into the life of that individual.
When last did you see a man who you admire and you were deliberate about making him feel special with all sincerity?
There are certain things God has placed in a man or certain resources a man has acquired either by sacrifice or covenant that it will take honour to access.
It might need you sowing into that man’s life or looking for ways to appreciate what that man has. The law of honour is not just limited to the spiritual realm, it has everything to do with the physical world too.
The only way, perhaps, you can get the employment is to honour the gate man of the organization you are trying to get a job in. Honour is not limited to certain individuals. Honour is versatile, who you honour determines what you access.
Honour God. Honour men. May you never use the hands of dishonour to close the doors of opportunities that God opened for you.
May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.
©John Ogah
Writing and Communication Coach.


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