A must read for every single lady.
Before I start, my prayer for you single ladies is “May never a time come when a man looks at you and say ‘I would rather disobey God if He ask me to marry that lady.'”
You see, a strong man can never obey God. It is very impossible because he keeps seeing reasons. Only the blind and deaf obey God.


We first have to be weak and rely on his strength to obey him. Nevertheless, I’m not going into that angle. This article will be a build up to the continuation of the “BE A WOMAN SERIES” we started two weeks ago and could not finish.
Please, if you are lady reading this, be very meticulous about the details here.
This article was an impromptu burden or concern I had for ladies, more especially Christian ladies. The problem we have is we speak in tongues and posses no or less power behind the tongue we speak, we possess CHARISMA but lack CHARACTER, BEAUTY but no BURDEN, SENSE but no WISDOM. We have mental POWER, but we can’t POSSESS what is ours.[the_ad_placement id=”ads”]
You need to understand that while God takes the state of our hearts seriously, men base their judgement on what they see. So, God can approve an individual because her heart is right or because that individual fears and adore Him but a man will look at that same individual whom God has approved, with so much contempt because of the defects in her character.
Whether you believe it or not, we are in the world of men. You need the approval of men to also rise. God does not elevate you for himself alone, he does that for men. God will never force the men you once abuse to bow down to you. He creates and maintains balance.[the_ad_group id=”87″]
The problem I have with Christian ladies is that you follow Christian celebrities and yet do not probe further to get the details of what made them into the personality you admire and respect.
Now, before you pray over that peanut for your own kaystrings or go to make that fine pose to get your Lawrence Oyor, I need you to understand that the essence of being a woman is in her CHARACTER.
You speak in tongues and yet you talk to men anyhow, you claim you have sense and you can’t control your emotions even in the midst of your anger, you posses charisma but men tremble because they can’t stand your foul character.[the_ad_placement id=”ads”]
For the past few days, I observed certain young ladies around me who were privileged to occupy certain positions and I had to come to the conclusion, if Nigeria fails to have a female president, the women caused it. The little opportunity you have to become a leader, you try to show you’re in charge and you can’t submit to anyone?
As much as God will approve you to be a wife material, you need the approval of men. God who sits in the highest, understands there are certain principles made by men He can’t violate except it demands his unavoidable intervention.
You think God did not make it up to Joseph when He “impregnated” Joseph’s wife to be, Mary? Jesus would have been referred to as a bastard if there wasn’t a foster father to claim ownership of him. Jesus needed God and men for the fulfillment of his purpose.
Dear ladies, don’t speak anyhow. Be polite in your conversation. If you find your place in leadership, never make the men around you feel inferior or try to exercise total dominion. The consequences you’ll go on to reap would be devastating.
In relationship, never make two men believe they are the ones for you. If you are not ready to commit to anyone, don’t toy with their emotions.
Treat everyone around you with respect, resist the urge to speak out of anger even if you are not at fault. Better is a man who can possess his emotions than one who knows only how to possess cities.
Don’t just pray for power, pray for wisdom to build good character. A man would rather disobey God, face the consequences and ask for Mercy than stay in a home with a woman who lacks character. His own hell has begun.
May your your husband not look at you one day and say “I made a mistake.” May the man who God wants for you never look at you and say “God, not this one na.”
Be approved of God.
Be approved by Men.
May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.
© John Ogah

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