Short Stories: Rebecca series (the breakfast)

Short stories
Ife’s breakfast remained by his side of the bed until past one when Rebecca came to clear the dishes. He was fast asleep, with his bible a bit rumpled. She bent to pick the tray, thinking he was fasting when she saw an empty jug and a bowl of cereal.
 She squared her shoulders and stood up, leaving the tray and clearing away the used bowl. She was not going to let anything stand between her and God, not even her husband whom she loved so much. Next week, she would leave for Maiduguri, whether he liked it or not.

“I tried, but I just couldn’t eat the food you prepared. I’m so angry and hurt, Beks.”

Ife opened his eyes and she saw he had cried himself to sleep, perhaps while praying. Her heart went out to him, he looked like a lost little boy.

 “I’m sorry you didn’t have appetite..”

 “I was hungry. I just didn’t want to eat your food. You hurt me so bad with what you did.”

She sat beside him now, careful not to touch him as she was not sure of his mood just yet. “I don’t even know what came over me last night. My mind was bubbling with so much excitement, I couldn’t hold back. I don’t even know at what point I made that post on WhatsApp.”

God, what is this she’s saying again? Can’t she hear herself? 

Ife was determined not to fight her anymore. The cold side of him she forced him to unbury was a side of him he was not proud of. He knew he was not this petulant child who acted cold and skipped breakfast because he didn’t get what he wanted. He turned to her and smiled, asking her what she made for breakfast.

“Potato and egg sauce and tea.” She smiled because she knew this was how he liked it.

“Ah, Rebecca my love. Eat with me.” He pulled her closer to his side and placed the tray between them. They ate, arguing over who was scooping more sauce with their potato, laughing. At that moment, every thought of Maiduguri, WhatsApp and Ife’s mother was forgotten.

 As Ife took the plates to the kitchen, he finally heard God’s voice loud and clear.

 Beloved, he that covereth a transgression seeketh love.

He knew he was not alone in this battle to get his wife back. He was sure God was on his side.

But Rebecca had other ideas. She  leaned back on the  bed, her eyes resting on the wardrobe. She sat up again, calculating in her mind, which clothes to take with her and which ones to leave behind.

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