Signs of a Healthy Relationship


Signs of a Healthy Relationship


Most people can not differentiate between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one. To them, as long as the two of them are together, then the relationship is still strong. As a matter of fact, many can not tell when there relationships are on the rocks. They only get to know that the relationship was heading in the wrong direction when it is too late. All in all, there are still signs that can tell you whether or not the relationship is heading in the right direction.



“Look at the bright side of life”; this is a common phrase that is used in all sectors of life. Well, in this case, it is one of the ways through which one can tell whether the relationship is healthy or not. Basically, it simply involves concentrating on the good things and ignoring all the negativity that surrounds the positivity. All the good couples tend to look at the bright side of their relationships even when nothing is going right. Take for example when one of them losses his or her job, the other will console him by telling them that the good thing is that they still got each other. This just shows how positive minded they are. Actually, this is the main characteristic of a healthy relationship. As a result, their bond will be so strong that nothing can separate them, nothing!


The other sign of a healthy relationship is the amount of commitment each one of them shows when it comes to matters pertaining to their relationship. Commitment is mainly defined by the amount of time and effort one puts into achieving something. The same applies in this case. Effort, money, time and even creativity; these are the main items that both of them should fully utilize to bring that spark into their relationship. Do everything within your power to make each other happy, this is the kind of spirit that will strengthen the bond between you two.


Finally, the character of the two individuals can tell you a lot about their relationship. A wise man once said that a relationship is like a tower, it can only be supported by two strong pillars. The main word here is ‘strong’. It two of them are independent and strong hearted, then they have got what it takes to hold the relationship. On the contrary, if one of them or all of them are not strong at heart, then be sure that what they have will not last.


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