Last year, I posted a picture I took with the Pioneer & Past Vice Chancellor of Afe Babalola University who was also the 2019 Designated Commissioner of Education, Ogun State, Prof. Sidi Osho, as well as the Rector of the Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH), Engr. Dr. (Mrs) Olufunke Akinkurolere, in the studio of the Department of Mass Communication.

To most of you, “the boy yaff blow,” but to me it was a privilege. Actually, that is not where I am going to. After I had posted that picture, I started receiving different messages. One sent a message to me to my inbox telling me he was unable to pay his school fees and that I should do that for him. What got me annoyed was that I did not know this guy from anywhere and common sense could not tell him he should establish a mutual friendship before having a request to make.

If I tell you of the numerous drama that goes on between me and some people on my social media DM, you’ll laugh, get angry or even wonder at the stupidity of some individuals.

The essence of this post was to point out to you that each and every individual has a “private life” on social media with the exception of those who chose not to keep their life private.

Understand that you don’t barge into someone’s DM saying a lot of nonsense or making irrational requests. I’ll make mention of five things you should stop doing when relating with people on social media.

  1. Don’t add people to unnecessary WhatsApp group: If you are not someone they share a deep intimate relationship with or someone they take order from such as their Pastor, Parent or Mentor, please take permission before adding them. Don’t just assume everyone wants to be part of a group.

Personally, I politely decline request to join WhatsApp groups because I know I won’t be committed. I as well remove myself quickly when I’m added to a group without been told earlier. Please, respect people’s opinions and privacy.

  1. Don’t barge into people’s inbox sending long articles: You never may know because you are not told, if you are someone who send long articles everyday to someone, you’re on your way towards getting ignored or becoming a nuisance to that individual.

Except you share a level of relationship with that individual, you are not supposed to send long messages or articles to an individual. Please, send a link or send a message explaining to him or her why you are sending such long articles or messages to him or her.

  1. Stop holding crusades on Facebook: Haunty, stop tagging me and 86 others on Facebook. Stopprit! If you want to hold a crusade, let us know! Don’t just because of a post, tag large number of people. God help you it’s not a foolish post.
  2. Avoid making unnecessary comments on posts: Except you share a deep or intimate level of relationship with someone, don’t just write anything in the comment section of an article or Facebook. Resist the urge to look foolish.
  3. Finally my brethren, be intentional about what you post on your social media accounts. We don’t care about where you live or what you eat. Give us what you know we want: VALUE!

If you do all these, you’ll be likened to a man who built his house on a rock. The wind and rain came and it stood.

Social Media brings out the foolishness in people, don’t add to those who have been exposed already.

May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the picture attached to the post.😏

John Great Oluwatobi Ogah,


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