We all know, that technology has taken it’s front role in the movement of people from one place to another. Like, you can practically order for a ride from the comfort of your home, and get a rider to meet you at your doorstep in no distance time.

however, there’s being some shades of experiences from all over the world, about what some of these online riders do, or what the passengers do.

In recent past, we’ve had series of news and information about cases of Kidnap, theft and rape from this beautiful cheap luxury.

I stumbled on a post this evening on facebook, from a group called rant Hq, and it’s about a popular online ride company. It is called BOLT.

The caption reads,

Share your experience with a bolt or uber driver.
Some of them are responsible and toastable🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️


A lady by name Kehinde Alugo shared this funny experience

Sometimes late last year, I ordered a ride and sat at the back seat as usual.Lo and behold! The next thing I heard is “babe you will change your seat to front seat o, I don’t allow women to sit at the back”😳😳Really??? I pretended as if didn’t hear what he said and threw my face outta the window; only for this shameless driver to pull over and order me out of his car or change to the front seat .I didn’t believe it until I alighted and watched him zoom off .As in Lagos is filled with lots of mentally deranged individuals.

For me, what’s really wrong with sitting at the back seat?

Share your own personal experience, and your reaction in the comment section.

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