Short stories-Rebecca Series (Tables Turned)

  1. Rebecca seriew
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The proceeding days after the breakfast, Ife and Rebecca enjoyed the friendship and love that had been missing in their home. Ife was not settled, however. He was worried he would wake up one morning and find that Rebecca had gone to Maiduguri as she had always wanted. He knew what God was saying about the trip, and wondered why God wouldn’t just speak to Rebecca herself, so she would stop this madness about separating from their marriage for a while.

Short stories cont…

Would she even listen? Even if God spoke with 200 blaring trumpets, Rebecca would still hear what she wants to hear. This attribute of hers used to be a strength, until it became a weakness.
Ife stood up and went to Rebecca’s side of the wardrobe. He saw that she had separated some clothes into a neat pile. He reached for her bag and began to arrange the clothes into the bag. By the time she wakes up, he would have left the house, and she would find her bags packed and ready to go.
He left a note for her, booked her flight, and transferred money into her savings account.
Short stories
Rebecca woke up with a start, panting. Her nightie was drenched in sweat. She reached for Ife but his side of the bed was empty.
She switched on the bedside lamp and frowned when she saw her bags and the note. Ife’s line was off. Her messages weren’t delivering on WhatsApp.
She refused to panic as she began to mumble a few words of prayer. In all her thirty three years on Earth, Rebecca had never felt so alone.
God please, God please.
This was all she could say as she ran downstairs to look for the car key. She knew she couldn’t drive herself in this state, but she couldn’t sit still either.
I will never leave you nor forsake you.’
The verse came over and over again, stronger each time in her heart. She sat at the foot of the stairs and wept as she realized this was the first time she was hearing God speak to her in such a long time.
Help me, God. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. God, don’t let anything happen to my husband.
She looked at the note again, her hands shaking.
“Don’t look for me, my love.
Take care of yourself and our baby. We will call him Zadok or Aaron if they’re two.
Don’t miss your flight.
See you whenever we see.
At the foot of Jesus, maybe? Lol..”
Sit still, Rebecca. Be still and know that I am God.’
As hard as it was for her to obey the lord, she calmed her mind and stopped fretting. She focused on the goodness of God and his love for her.
You will serve me, daughter, but not this way. I have bigger plans for you. 
A wise woman builds her home..’
Just as she made a decision in her heart, she heard a soft knock on the door.
“Beks? Are you in there?” Ife’s voice was filled with doubt. Did she stay? Did she leave?

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