ore I proceed to write this, do ignore the wedding picture attached to this letter. Your wedding gown will flow with God’s holiness and my wedding suit will express God’s Glory. Many would want to wonder who or where you are.
Anyway, why should I bother? they can’t see into the future, only my eyes can see where thou art.I want you to know that my life is still a moving process. Ordained by God, needed by men. You saw my falling and you gave me your hands to aid my rising. What you did not realize is that when I rose, we rose together. It was not just about being the head, it was also about the body which held the head. So dear Future wife, our house must be built on knowledge.

Our bedsheets must must soaked in wisdom. Learn to understand that we sleep with wisdom and wake up with understanding. Our home should not be void of Wisdom.I am weak, fragile and stained. My God whom I serve sees my infirmities and beckons on me to come quickly so he could mould me into the man he has prepared for you. He is not satisfied with my state marrying his daughter.


Before then, wait. In waiting, pray. In praying, watch. In watching, see; because we’ll need those spiritual eyes of yours to see where mine might not see. While I cover your nakedness, build capacity to cover the nakedness of our home and the beautiful kids you’ll give to me.While I wait on God to obtain the inheritance our kids will have and use, develop capacity to transmit the inheritance to our kids when I’ve obtained it. Teach them that failure don’t run in our family. So, they can’t and must not fail.

Teach them, there’s a covenant we’ve obtained with God that our lives are the statement of his power. Our lives are living oracles of his power.Sound it into their ears that our family never experiences premature death. Therefore, they are to trample on dearth and death.Teach them we don’t accommodate barrenness in our lineage. Therefore, “be thou fruitful,” is not just a word, it’s our way of living.Dear future wife build capacity, build capacity, I say once more build capacity.We are a city set upon a hill that cannot be moved. However, what we reveal is much more important because people are watching us on the hill.Don’t go after mundane things.
Don’t chase men who will exchange your value for pleasure. I am here, much more than enough. You can’t find my kind anywhere because God has chosen to make a kind out of me. Therefore I am a peculiar people, called out to show God’s righteousness.Whether it be valentine or our wedding anniversary, our love is not limited to events. Instead, our lives creates events that consciously bring men to the reality we live. God’s reality to be specific.Let your scent lure me to the other room called the holies of holies.

Put on the finest of robes. I want my eyes to always be fixed on your fair, goodly body and your body alone. I would rather be satisfied with your milk than the goodies of a strange woman. It’s not a saying, it was God’s command to me.Let me come home each day and be reminded that the building is not my home, you are my home. The one whom God has given to me. Be diligent, resist the devil. Guard your home o woman!Build Capacity before I come get you.

What the lord has laid in my hands is yours to multiply because you carry life. So, what I place in your hands must not die. Let it live.Dear future wife, I am counting on you but trusting God in you. Hold still till I come. Nations await our wonders.Yours,Your future husband.Well, stop looking at me and goan be the person your partner is praying you to be.May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.

John Great Oluwatobi Ogah,Leader.¬©JohnOgah’22I teach people how to write.

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