Sometimes ago, I visited the salon close to my area to make my daughter’s hair. The hair stylist started well, because she started from the back to the front. When it was time for her to put a finishing touch to the hair, I heard a ooze, it was rather ungodly. So disgusting, that I couldn’t swallow my saliva.

I had to trace the unpleasant odour to her arm pit, it was clear that she doesn’t wash well, and obviously, doesn’t use any perfume.

If you like to smell good, and who doesn’t, then finding the right perfume is at the top of your list. The shopping process may include sampling tester bottles at the store or simply by the old trial-and-error method. In an attempt to make your perfume shopping a little easier, this article takes a look at eight of the top perfume choices for women.

Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies.

Do you remember the days of visiting the local fair and the smell of the delicious cotton candy? There is a fragrance that can help to revisit those special memories because, you guessed it, Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies is a perfume that smells exactly like cotton candy. In one word, its just plain. Oh how I love the thought of it.

yummy Cashmere Mist by Donna Karen.

This perfume, commonly found at Macys or any mega perfume store in your area, is one that offers a sweet scent that is the ultimate in femininity. It almost lends to a soft floral smell and will surely captivate everyone in the room.

Eternity by Calvin Klein.


This is a bold fragrance that leaves people thinking of you for, just as the name implies, an eternity.

CK One by Calvin Klein.

This perfume has been available for quite some time and leaves the wearer with a clean scent that is unmistakable to those who recognizes it. The smell is so memorable that those who experience it will notice it instantly on someone else.

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden.

This perfume offers a very pleasant scent and a very sweet one at the same time. Like other designer perfumes, it is bold and will definitely get you noticed.

Navy by Cover Girl.

A perfume that has been available for many years, Navy is visually recognizable by the round blue bottle and gold lettering. Its smell is soft, but so very memorable at the same time.

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren.

This perfume, created by a popular clothing designer, is fruity in its smell and stays with the wearer for hours. It is a quality fragrance for the athletic type or for the home body as its universal scent is for every woman.

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.

For the first time, I thought it was the herbal green tea. This perfume is fairly new in the market and has been made available in recent years. Still, it has steadily gained in popularity and offers the wearer a very sweet scent that softens just enough to be enjoyed.When selecting perfume, its a good idea to purchase a small bottle so that you can take it with you wherever you go. Some of the smallest perfume bottles will fit in the tiniest of purses, which makes them ideal for a quick sprits on the go.

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