What a day. I was about 9-10years then, very smart, mouthed and beautiful young girl. Argue with your keyboard.

I grew up in Minna, Niger state. Our house then, wasn’t too far from the church, it was about 30min walk. Wait, did I say 9-10years? It’s not true, I was between 10-12 years, if you like don’t believe me.


Do you know how I remembered my exact age then? I was too sharp for a 10year old. I was already a bouncing jss2 student, so you see, I was not anybody’s mate.

Back to my story. Our church opens every Tuesday and Thursday for midweek services. Mum attends the Yoruba speaking church, while I attend the English Assembly. So, you see it has been long.we have been sparking English.

After my house chores and a little rest plus small fight with my kid sis, Blessing of blessed memory. I dressed up for church, like I said earlier, I was very beautiful. Hian? Who dey breath?

I usually enjoy twilight strolling, it helps me to meditate, fantasize and imagine vain things. Yes, vain things. That evening was a nightmare I would never forget in my life.

I crossed the road Linking between my church and my community (my area). I was catwalking and shaking my bum, it was very small but attractive. I was on the Field leading to our church, it is fondly called 123 field. As I tried to navigate to the right, I saw this black medium size dog.

Wooo, woooo, Wooo, Wooo. You know that dog sound, don’t you? I stood still, and was shouting, go away, go away, go away. Unfortunately for my village people, that dog seems to be deaf. It was as if the more I shout go away, the more aggressive it became.

I decided to run, little did I know that the dog had two big sis lurking around and waiting for the next victim. As I was running and heading towards the church, I looked back to see what was behind me, wawu, three big dogs barking profusely.

brown long coated medium sized dog on the stairs
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I started shouting, my mummy, my mummy, my mummy. As the Lord will do it, a mad man from no where just came out, and with a loud kai, kai,.kai in hausa tone, my Egyptians ran back to their hiding place. Truly, what God cannot do does not exist.

I am JFJ

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