How much money is Enough?

How much money is Enough?

Quite sadly, it is an irrefutable fact that we are living in a materialistic world. There is no escaping the fact. Actually, if you think about it, almost everything that we doright from the start of our day until the time we retire to bedwe are doing it for money or for some other such similar material gain. The things that we do for other reasons, such as our physical development and maintenance and our spiritual growth are precious little in comparison to the things we do for money.

We are addicted to money. The more we get of it, the more we want. We want money to be at our disposal all the time, and we want money salted away so that we feel that we will be able to spend our future lives in luxury as well.

But, the important question ishow much money is enough? When should we put the tabs on it?

The bitter truth is that our lifestyles today have become such that we are chasing after money all the time. When we earn enough money to acquire one of our satisfactions, we feel the urge to earn more money and look for something bigger than that. Wants are unlimited. We always generate higher wants in our mind and then set ourselves to bring it to fruition as well.

If we put it in very simple terms, then you are doing very well if you have enough money to:-

✓Pay all your bills
✓Pay for your necessities
✓Pay for luxuries such as clothes, various electronic products, and so on.
✓Pay for your holidays
✓Pay for investment for your business growth
✓Pay for your future investment plans
and so on.

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Maybe we forgot to add something in the above list, but you get the picture. The main point is that you have to have money for everything that is important for your survival and for the pursuits of your mind and for security in the future. Remember that we earn money to liveit should never happen the other way round.

Having said all that, we need to point out that it is not wrong to dream about becoming rich You can dream, but for that you will need to keep rotating money. You earn money, you put it into your business, then you earn more money and improve your business still further.

In any case, money is important but you should not have money just for the sake of having money. You should use it for enhancing yourself; not for making yourself more complacent and vain about your achievements.

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