My life was a living hell with my step mother

If I’m to talk about the family I found my self, you will believe I should have been long gone by now. It was hell

My mum is Abosese Katherine, I was born into a royal family, the Adeusi family. I stayed 2years in the palace, ijan Ekiti palace. I grew up to know the sitting king as my father, Oba Obarinde. He was so nice to me, I later discovered he was not my father. I was told my father is in Ibadan.

After some time, I was taken to my father but unfortunately my father was already in another Relationship with a strange woman in Lagos. That was how I found my self staying with my step mother at the age of two.

Mr Yinka adeusi

I went to stay with my father and step mum in Lagos, that was the beginning of my hardship. I started living a very hard and hostile life, at a tender age. I endured all these for more than 25 years.

I never enjoyed mother’s love for more than 25 years. I practically trecked to school on empty stomach. I was always looking for love. I was treated as a slave in my own father’s house.

For complete 15 years, I never met my mother. My step mother would call all my younger ones, the children she gave birth to, and tell them not to relate with me that I’m not part of them. I hawked rice and beans, after school while her children are at home playing. I never enjoyed my childhood.

I attended state high school in Alimosho local government, Lagos. The ill treatment continued, and I must never tell my mother. I was in Jss 3, when I travelled to Ijan Ekiti with my Aunt to visit my mother.

Something happened when we got to Ekiti, I was with my mother for more than 2 hours and I never knew she was my mother. It was my aunty that introduced me to her, and we both started crying.

Mr Yinka and Wife

I stayed with my mother for some days, and when it was time to go back to Lagos, I started crying. To cut long story short, I finished secondary school, and got admission into University of Ibadan after a long wait.

Something happened in my third year in school, you remember that year GPA was changed to CGPA. The Senate invited me, I remember it was Professor Adesoye that was the VC then. I was given the rudest news of my life, my result from year one to year three was missing. I was adviced to go to all the department and HOD to search for my result, otherwise, I would be adviced to resign.

I travelled home, to meet my mum. That was when a friend of mine took me to Lanlate Ibarapa local government, to see a seer. I was told to carry sacrifice to appease the witches, and that will bring solution to my problem.

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I use to have a girl friend then in school, Nurse Kenny. She introduced me to a Celestial church in Iwo, ODo Oba. I was made to see the prophet, who took me to the river to bath. After the bath, my situation still remain the same.

I was invited to an Alfa by some of my muslim friends, I was given something to take to UI to drop on the ground of the school. My story still remain the same.

I had earlier met a lady, Chioma by name. She invited me to her fellowship, which happens to be RCF Redeem Christian Fellowship. I met the pastor, pastor Biodun and pastor Dele. We prayed for complete two weeks, After the prayer, I went back to check my results in all the departments.

Guess what? My results were found without much stress. That year became the best year of my life. I was a clubber, and a drinkard. One night, we were coming from club, and I heard pastor Adeboye’s voice in challenge stadium. I attended the program, and that was the day I gave my life to Christ.

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