Are you fighting off at work or in your personal life trying to reach a big success of it? Are you at the point where you don’t feel successful?

If it is that way for you now wherever you are, it is not a good deal of chance you will find success. Success is in your judgement and attitude, and in doing what you truly love and know best. That does not mean that there is no battle at times but it does mean that most of the time we are happy and even enlivened doing it.

If that is not the case for you read on.

First of all lets discuss your mindset and attitude. When it is positive you see the good things naturally gravitating towards you. You are able to take delectation from what you are doing and you are able to interact with others in a more confident manner.

It makes life gentler and easier, not a struggle. Your self-talk and your words with others is much more happier and more cheerful and that makes it easier for you and everyone around you to be happier. It makes what you are doing more enjoyable. So work on your mentality and your self-talk. Catch the negative ideas and words and change them to the positive.

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Now let’s discuss what you are really doing. To be successful you need to be doing something you love most and do it best. That does not mean there will be some parts you don’t like so much or don’t do so well, but the absolute majority of what you are doing will be beatifying and joyful.

How do you puzzle out what that is? Take a hint from your past. Consider those instances where you were doing something you really delighted doing and you were doing it well. Let’s call it accomplishments. Be sure to accumulate more of them over a time period. Write them out then look for trends and bases affecting what you were doing, how you were doing it, what the conditions were, what you worked with and how you were relating with people. This will give you a very good idea of what you need to be doing now that will approximate those bases and trends. What you want to arrange is to duplicate them to the extent conceivable in what you are currently doing. The reason is that those achievements were examples of when you were influx – a state when you were at your best doing something you really wished doing. That is when we are really successful. That is when we are using our gifts and endowments and that is what you desire to do to assure success in your life.

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