HOW I WAITED FOR MY HUSBAND FOR 2YEARS TO PROPOSE TO ME— Pst. Mrs Jane Ajibade. Assistant Snr pastor Kings Assembly Minna


  1. 1. I waited 2 years before my husband proposed
  2. 2. I was tired of waiting
  3. 3. The Day I got tired of waiting was the day he proposed.
  4. 4. We have been married for 19years.


It was in church choir when I noticed my husband. I was in SS2, he knew I was his wife, but he waited for me to finish my secondary school and also get admission into the higher institution before he spoke about his feelings to me. Funny enough, I already knew he had feelings for me.

I waited for 2yrs for him to talk. Imagine waiting for a man to tell you how he feels about you, because you have good home training and don’t want to be seen as a cheap girl. The day I got fed up and left the church immediately after Grace was the day he finally spoke.

He ran to catch up with me before I got to my bus stop. I was tired of us always together after church because he usually walked me down to my bus top after church. You know that kind of thing.

It was after the relationship started that I asked him why he waited that long to communicate his feelings, he said he didn’t want to distract me in My Waec, so he waited to see if I would make my papers.
I And Hubby
Fortunately, I didn’t rewrite, he helped me with my Admission and after that, he made his intentions known. Before now, I have been rehearsing what I would tell him the day he speaks. I planned to tell him to wait until I have prayed. But this day caught me unaware, because like I said earlier, I left the church quite early so he won’t have the chance to walk with me. And I was already close to my bus stop. He asked why I left hurriedly, I told him nothing ☹️.



Then he spoke, and I couldn’t say a word…

He said no problem, I should let him know when I’m ready. But before we departed that day I summoned the courage, I told him if I say I didn’t know this would happen I will be lying. That I already have my convictions long ago. And that was my Yes!!!

Family is Everything with my Handsome husband

He was so excited and gave me 2 tracts he had been keeping for the day he will receive a Yes. He had kept it for years.

He went home Happy to his brother and wife.They asked him how it went cause they knew he would talk that they. And they put in a music and started celebrating in their house. While I went home feeling like I’ve betrayed my aunt, I was living with. Cause that would be my first relationship ever!

We’ve been married for 19 years, and it looks like just yesterday. I must say, I married my best friend.

Thanks Janesdiary for helping me to remember old memories.

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