What is online subscription?

Online subscription businesses give you a predictable income while giving your customers valuable products, information, or services. Subscriptions are nothing new—your customers pay a recurring price (monthly or seasonally) in return for the services or products they asked for. But with the fresh popularity of subscription boxes and the ease of setting up a subscription business online, now’s a great time to create a new cash flow avenue for your company. What does it take to make this business model successful? With a well-thought out plan and great marketing, you’ll be on your way to building up your customer base and delivering awesome products.
1. Come up with a subscription idea that you feel passionate about
This could be a subscription business based around fitness, food, clothing, books—you name it! It’s important that you’re truly passionate about your idea so that you’ll want to continuously think of new ideas for your subscription’s topic.
For example, you might decide to start a yard maintenance subscription business where people choose how often they’d like their lawn mowed or their gardens tended.
You might create an art subscription business where you find a few great pieces of art each season and send them to your subscribers.
2.  Decide what you’ll offer customers to make you stand out
For your subscription business to be successful and become popular, think of what you’ll be able to give customers that they can’t get anywhere else. This could be a customized set of items, expert advice, or an item or experience that only works through the subscription method.
For instance, maybe you offer a curated selection of online articles from writers around the world on specific topics
3. Research your market and competitors to give yourself an edge
Once you’ve figured out who you want to market your business to, start researching and talking to them. Find out what type of trends there are and if there’s anyone else out there who has a business similar to yours so you can learn from their platform. Create an image of who your target customer will be with the information you’ve gathered so you can better market to them.
If you’re starting a magazine subscription business, you might look up other magazine subscription businesses to see how their website looks or what they offer.
Research and learn from potential customers by talking to friends or coworkers or sending out surveys or polls.
For example, your target customer might be a woman between the ages of 20 and 30 with an interest in gardening or sustainable living.
4. Create a website where customers can look at and order subscriptions
While you could choose to design your website yourself, it’s easy to use a platform that will help you through the steps of building a website, like Wix or Weebly. Create tabs on your website, like “About Us,” “Products,” or “Contact Us,” to make it easy for your customers to find the information they need. Make sure your website is easy to use and visually attractive so potential customers will be more interested in your product.
Create easy payment options on the website so customers don’t have to struggle to order their subscription.
Choose a professional and clean design


5. Create social media pages for your business to spread the word. 
Social media is one of the best ways to market your subscription business to lots of potential customers. Make an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account (or all three!) for your business and post content regularly to attract more views and interest. Post your website’s address on your social media pages so they can find it easily.
For example, posting something on your social media business page 1-2 times a week will help you build a following.
Keep your business accounts professional and your posts related to your topic.
If you started a book subscription business, you might take a picture of some of the books you’re sending out with the caption, “Looking for a great read? We’ll deliver them right to you!”
Promote a beauty subscription business by taking pictures of different beauty products you offer with a little tidbit of information about why they’re great in the caption.
Source: wikihow.

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