Types of patterns

There are territories where you don’t find old people. You get to a certain age range there is a spirit that cut you off.

There are territories where you don’t find children, you find very old people but they renew their lives with children.

There are territories where it is the women that feed the men, once you are within that territory as a woman, you are the man and the man is the woman. Born again, tongue talking but you find out that the man is limited. The bills are paid by a woman. Don’t feel bad, I am not looking down on you, but it should not be so, that is not God’s order.

There are families where the parents are always greater than the children. You can give birth to 8 children, the highest of them will become something you are not proud of, no matter how hard working. Have you seen people travelling to America after 10-20years they return like arm robbers?

There are cities you enter and when you remember everything from when you were a child nothing changes, regardless and in that city they will tell you that the next professor came out from that city, the best IT people to bless the world. Yet the city does not change, there are spirit that keep it that way.

How about spirit of poverty? You hear that someone was doing well and just came to a city and he starts going down until he looks like the city. You want to become an intercessor, Yes…

unrecognizable muslim pilgrims near ancient mosque on sunny day

This also applies to family, there are family where things don’t work. I hope you understand what I am teaching you… Father, mother, children and grand children are educated, serious and became a graduate and yet nobody can have a decent job. The most successful person who walked there worked only 3 years.

Go and read your bible, I hope you understand what I am teaching you, I am not trying to get you emotional. I am just teaching you generally.

There are families for instance, where the greatest people who represent the strength of that family always die.

When they want to bring deliverance there is a spirit that cut them short. You are not an intercessor if you don’t understand the pattern of the territory. What are you praying over.

Listen, an intercessor does not say God find people job, children, that is a childish prayer. You come to the root of the problem, the controlling powers.

Many years ago, I went to preach in a Northern Nigeria, it was a crusade, I saw several things… Something was happening to the women, I am not a medical doctor but every time they give birth they became deaf and dump immediately, not 1, not 2, not 8, not 10.. I said I am not a doctor but at least I did biology to know that what is the relationship between giving birth and becoming deaf and dump?.

Apostle Joshua Selman

Once you see a prevailing pattern it is not sickness, it is a spirit. There are family members where children of 12 years have high blood pressure, what is the child thinking about? You really think that it’s a disease? No! no!! Even medical science tells us something. They trace certain sickness and ask does your father, mother has it?!!

In the name of Jesus any pattern that will not allow your family represent the purpose of God, I call upon the God of my covenant this day it leaves your life forever.

I have seen patterns of poverty over families. There are territories where the preacher never breakthrough; anointed, they love God sincerely. Some of them holy and Godly men and yet the territory does not open.. After 10 years 40 members, it decrease to 30 member during Thanksgiving, it comes to 18 and you see the people saying God did you sent me?

If only they understood there are Veils and gates over territories.. Listen to what I am telling you, there are controlling powers over territories, region and family.

Don’t think the devil will just fold his arms and watch…

Patterns of bad lock, patterns of Ill health, wide spread bareness. Mother barren gave birth after 10 years, brother barren, sister barren it is demonic.

There are patterns where things that are started, are never finished. You see a house they will tell you they started building this house since 1987 and till now. What is in a house that cannot be built? You will hear that the person who had money and came to build it , died there. Have you seen those things? Don’t be afraid of what I am teaching you. It is the truth You stand upon a territory, Jesus looked over Jerusalem and began to cry, why was he crying? He saw that there was a spirit that cast the blindness on the people, oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem he said if thou know even at this time, the things that partained to your peace are hidden from you.

The widow at Nain, there was a pattern that kills the men in her life, her husband died, her only child is about to die and an intercessor came and said No!! We have to change something here.

God is raising many of you right now because there are age long, problems in your area and your grandfather tried to do there best, they could not….What will you do about it?

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