Table of contents

  1. Peace and Joy
  2. Prophecy and the word of God
  3. Spirit of discernment

1. PEACE AND JOY : The bible says, the kingdom of God is manifested not in meat and drink but it in righteousness, peace and joy in the holy ghost.

Many believers have worked out of of the will of God because they have neglected the peace of God. The bible says the peace of God that passes all understanding, let it guide your heart. That means the moment I am about to take a decision or I am trusting God for a revelation over a decision and your peace supernaturally seizes, no joy.

Let me tell you, joy is not happiness. There are times you will be weakened and yet you have have joy.

Don’t confuse joy with happiness.

Happiness is circumstantial. If I give you N1,000 I expect you to be happy not necessarilly joyful.

Joy and peace

There is no man who is born again who can not have peace. He said in his word “My peace I give to you” the best way to describe the peace is through the saying of the psalmist, he made me me lay down in still water. The absence of peace is the absence of the kingdom and absence of the will of God from being done.

God’s kingdom is made up of peace and joy. A lady is about to get married, in the place of prayer she asks God for His will. when your peace and joy leaves especially when there is no physical reason for it, it is a language in the realm of the spirit. Don’t you ever ignore it… When you lack explanation as to why you don’t have peace over a matter, it is a sign to go to God.

Prophecy without the word is witchcraft

No matter what you are doing stop where you are and find out..

Do you know that a lady may have her peace and joy being threatened everytime she thinks of saying yes to that guy? It is up to her to ignore the peace, bind it and still get married to him. After many years what her peace was saying, will later play out.

Have you seen people later saying ” I knew it”. Every time they get into trouble, they say truly and I knew this thing will happen, I knew it, God was telling me, I didn’t listen.

The language of peace and joy are spiritual languages of communication. God is helping someone here.

Things God can be saying to you

1. As good as I am , or as good as she is, we are not the will of God for ourself. You don’t have to be bad…

2. It can be that I am good for her, however there are issues in my life that can implicate our marriage in the days to come, so the peace refuse to leave you until that issue is dealt with.

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One little communication of peace can help you. You wouldn’t have entered countless trouble if only you listened to the prompting of peace and joy. Peace was speaking and your eyes was seeing money and you followed your way to the grave..

2. Dreams and Vision: Satan has adopted strategy of manipulating dreams to an extent that many people are even afraid of their dreams and vision. The devil is a deceiver. Any thing written by God is still a valid tools. The Bible says he shall pour out his spirit upon all flesh; young men shall see vision, your old men shall dream dreams. So vision and dream are supernatural expression, even if it is perverted it is still a tool that God uses to communicate his revealed will to people.

Dream and vision can be manipulated. However there is a way you walk with God to an extent that your dream, vision become express revelation. The salvation of Egypt was in a dream, the king slept and had a dream: 7 season of plenty, 7 season of famine. Someone interpreted the dream, built a strategy around the dream and save the destiny of a nation. Dreams and vision are real…

3. The prophetic

The prophetic is real and it can give direction. It access the mind of God and the will of God. The prophetic is very powerful. There are two big limitations to the prophetic:

1. The accuracy of reception and interpretation is subject to the man of God personal content. The danger with the prophetic is the manifestation of the gift of the spirit will never replace getting the word of God, seated in your heart. One of the things you receive from the word of God is the character of God and the operation of God. You know how God works when you study the bible.

Most Apostles and Prophet don’t study the bible. They feel if I can see then why study the bible. Anytime you attempt to operate the prophetic without the word of God, your chances of entering into witchcraft and errors is very high, no mater who you are, you don’t have to be fake. The word of God are the guide line for operating in the prophetic.

You must have discernment to the things of the spirit. You should know what prophecy to receive and what not to receive; throw it into the dust bin. Otherwise you will be in trouble.

The written word of God is more powerful than any prophecy. We see and perceive prophecy in Parts.

Look let me tell you, the part of the Scripture you believe is the part of that works for you.

Finally, there is a system to discernment and that is praying in the spirit. Praying in tongues 1 Corinthian 14:2, 4

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