You have seen a lot of videos on youtube, and you wonder how the creators make their money, sometimes you wonder at the passion they put into their videos, it is worth wondering how money is being generated by just watching videos.

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The truth is that, not all side hustles will allow you work from home, allows you create your own schedule and pays you over 500 dollar a month, but guess what? YouTube will.

If you have been searching for the best ideas to make money from home then this article is definitely for you. In this post I am going to be showing you alot of things about Youtube monitzation.

You see people are buying expensive bags and flying to so many countries and you will be wandering where is this money coming from. Is there money in this YouTube video, or should I consider doing it. My answer is Yes, YouTube makes money, most definitely. The truth is we can all win, the sky is big enough for all of us.

We will be talking on:

✓YouTube Monitzation

✓The YouTube business model

There care three parts involved in it:

1. YouTube product

2. Clients

3. Partnership

Basically because you and I spend so much time on this platform, YouTube is able to go to the client to tell them that so many people have there eyes on this platform. They love our platform so much that if you put your advertisement on the platform they will click on it and they will purchase your product. So you have to pay us to be able to put your add on this platform. OK, if you say I don’t have any money. YouTube involves third parties in this equation which is me or any creator on the platform, we are YouTube partners. They input ads on our video and they tell us that we will take some percentage of the money that the clients pay and you creator can take the rest. Not all YouTube user can get to the YouTube partners program.

Just like any partnership, youtube partners get a percentage of the amount of money YouTube collects from the clients which is called “premium”. For every 1000 view and the ads you get on your video, YouTube charge an amount of money. Notice I said View and not subscribers. YouTube don’t pay based on subscribers account. YouTube pays product based on view.

YouTube takes 45% of the CPM and give to its creator 55%. I think it’s fair. Not all YouTube channel are made equal. A YouTube channel can have CPM as high as 50 dollars to an amount as low as 1 dollar. If your CPM is 50 dollar that means about 27.5 dollars will actually go to you the creator. And if you cannot earn 27.5 dollars for 1,000 view, that means the video get a 100,000 view you as the creator make about 2,750 dollars but listen, if your CPM is just 1 dollar that means 55 percent goes to you for the view.

If your video get 100,000 view you are going to make 55 dollars. And there is actually a reason why but so many people just don’t know and I am not sure how many people care about studying a YouTube channel.

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