Small businesses and startups are the backbone of every economy. This is because small enterprises fill jobs that the government and large commercial corporations cannot. Small enterprises also assist in the resolution of societal issues. Small companies also assist entrepreneurs in becoming self-sufficient and economically viable individuals.

Many Nigerians have been more interested in entrepreneurship and operating their own enterprises as a result of the advantages. Individuals wishing to start small enterprises in Nigeria and many other African countries, however, do not have enough funds to do so due to the harsh realities of the economy.

Below are the jobs you can start in Nigeria with atleast N50,000.

1. Drink business: In Nigeria, you can start a drink business with as little as #50,000. Cuketeil, I mean drink like Zobo. You must package it well and sell it. Your product’s packaging influences the buyer. Get some cool stickers.
2. Plantain chips: Begin with proper marketing; with a good product, you can make a lot of money. There are several brands of plantain chips in the market, and all of them are profitable. You can put it in a supermarket. Get your stickers now!
3. Fashion: Purchasing pre-made items from Aba. You can buy for as little as #200 and sell for much more.
4. Phone and electronic accessories: individuals are confronted with a faulty battery, a faulty screen, a faulty charger, and a faulty phone case. People want to purchase all of these items. People buy it all the time.
5. Fashion design and tailoring: This is a skill in and of itself. Customers can find your business; sew the cloth and wear it; someone will like it and ask if you can make it for them.
6. Home cooking and delivery: People need to eat. If you cook at home, you probably already have your cooking supplies and ingredients; if not, you should go out and get them.
7. Small chops: Gather your ingredients (chicken, flour, etc.). Get your stickers first, and then begin.
8. online coaching: You get paid to teach people what they need to know.

9. Cleaning service: Because so many people are busy these days, they require the services of others to clean their homes and offices. You have the ability to start this business. No need to be concerned; all you need to do is purchase your cleaning supplies.

10. Thrift clothing or Okrika: It is difficult for people to bend down and pick out clothes. Go to Aba, buy some nice clothes, properly package them, and sell them for a higher price. Nobody will know you got it from Aba
11. Fruit business: Nowadays, people enjoy eating fruits. You could start a fruit business
12. Bed sheet: Purchase high-quality materials from a reputable source. The material is actually sowable.

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