Simplified Steps And Guide On How To Write 2022 Jamb And Score 290+


Hey there, are you among those writing the Jamb CBT exam and you’re looking for ways you can get high scores in your exam? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Here, I’ll be writing on how you can get 290 and above in jamb. Sounds interesting right? Yeah on this platform, you’ll learn how to get higher scores in your Jamb CBT exam and you won’t have to worry about failing.

How to get high score in Jamb cbt exam

Everyone’s plan is to pass their Jamb exam with very high score so as to be able to gain admission to the institution and course of your choice so i will be giving you clear guide on how to achieve this your plan. So kindly take note of the points below and try to put them into practice in order to pass your Jamb cbt with high score.

  • Good knowledge of computer 

Currently Jamb examination is now computer base test CBT so as a candidate planning to write Jamb exam you need to to have a good knowledge of how to use computer to answer Jamb questions,  how can you learn this ? We have alot of CBT training center within the country so if you are not a computer literate I advise you to go and register your self for CBT training atleast this can take you about one to two months,  so with this knowledge you can handle the computer during your exam.

  • Enrol For Jamb Class/Lecture center

Another thing that can facilitate your performance in Jmab is your preparation.  As a student  sitting for jamb exam you need to Enrol your self in Jamb class a tutorial class where you will be tutored base on the subject you will be writing so one of the advantages of such Jamb class is that you will meet your fellow jambite and you all will study together as well as exchanges ideas and ask your self’s questions,  so this will boost your interest and preparation for the exam. And please take note of what you will be taught in the Jamb class because most of the teachers their ate experts and specialize in preparing student for jamb examination.

  • Study with Jamb past Questions and answer 

Using a jamb past Questions to study as a Jambites is very important why ? This is because this Questions will give you an insight of what you will likely see in the exam hall , take note when you study with past Questions you will come across different ways that jamb do set Questions in various topics , Lets take for example they want to ask a question in Chemistry under organic chemistry a question can come this way : 1. One of the following alters the rate of chemical reaction without undergoing any change after the reason. A Atom B. catalyst  C. Element D. Molecules 2. __________ can alter the rate of chemical reaction without being exhausted after the reaction. . A Atom B. catalyst  C. Element D. Molecules. So you can see from these two questions that the answer remains catalyst though the questions was twisted some how so when you study with different past Questions year you will notice alot of questions like this.

  • Set out a study time table for your self.

Since there are four subjects that you will be writing I will advise you to set out a time table for each of the subjects so this means that each subject have its own time so anytime you are studying don’t forget to spend much so as to Lear  more.

List Of Things  To Avoid  During Your Preparation For Jamb Exam.

Take note as a jambite there some list of things you need to avoid during your preparation period if at all you want to pass your Jamb with high score so kindly take note of the point below.

  1. Avoid making friends that will distract your preparation so instead make friends with those serious students that will facilitate your preparation.
  2. Avoid parting or going for outing this preparation period because its not time for fun,  all your attention need to be on you upcoming examination.
  3. Take note your aim is to score high so you need to try your possible best to get high score.

Best Textbook to enhance your preparation for Jamb examination 

Here I will be outlining some Textbook that will enhance your preparation and performance in Jamb examination.  Take note the most important Textbook you need is the past Questions and answer for the subject you are sitting for and also there are alot of Jamb cbt practice app online that you can use and practise.  This app will help you rate your preparation and performance so as to known your strengths and weak so as to make quick adjustments before the main examination.


I’m sure this app have given you the full details of what will enhance your preparation in this forthcoming Jamb examination. Kindly use the comment below to air your view and please help us to share this post to groups and pages on social media.

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