Guide And Simplified Steps On How To Solve Mathematics Questions In Waec, Neco , Jamb And Nabteb Examination.

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects you must pass with not less than Credit (C5) before you can think of gaining admission into higher institutions , so people do refer it as the father of all subjects followed by English Language so as a student you need to try all your possible best to make sure you pass your Mathematics with atleast C5 before you can think of furthering to University.

So in this article I will be spending some time here to make sure I guve you the Guide And Simplified Steps On How To Solve Mathematics Questions In Waec, Neco , Jamb And Nabteb Examination in order to pass so make sure you read this article to the end for complete explanation.

Some Important Topics And Areas Of Concentration In Mathematics For Waec , Neco Examination

Before i start giving you the Guide And Simplified Steps On How To Solve Mathematics Questions In Waec, Neco , Jamb And Nabteb Examination , first I want to outline some important topics that you need to take very serious when you are preparing your self for Mathematics exam , these topics have been verified from different experts in Mathematics within Nigeria that every year that atleast 2 questions normally comes out of them so I huge you to lay more emphasis on them when studying. They includes :

  • Probability
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Set
  • Construction
  • Bearing and distance
  • Matrixes
  • Statistics (All sub topic)
  • Quadratic Equation (Using graphical methods,  factorisation,  formula methods and completing the square methods)
  • Logarithms (With and without the use of table)
  • Plan mesuration (Area of different shapes)
  • Circle Geometry
  • Longitude and Latitudes (Small Circle,  great Circle,  Shortest distance)
  • Algebraic Expression
  • Change Of Subject formula

Hello I’m sure you have seen the topics I just listed above please kindly take out your time and solve alot of past Questions on this topics and get use to how Questions are been set from it . Don’t forget the rate of your preparation will determine how successful your exam will be take note of that.


Steps And Guude On How To Solve Mathematics Questions

Now that you have seen the list of topics that usually come out in Ssce examination now I want to give you steps and guide on how to handle questions on them when ever you come across questions on them in examination Hall kindly take note of the steps and guide below.

When solving Mathematics questions in exam hall you should  :

  • Read the question carefully and make sure you understand then before approaching any of them. Take note some topics might look alike so is left for you to read carefully and confirm the particular topics the questions is coming from before you start solving.
  • Before Choosing The number to answer please endeavour check the whole questions under that particular number if you know them all ease first answer questions that you can finish all , let’s say for example Number 1a you know it and the Number 1b you don’t know it please leave it and go for thw once you can attempt all maybe when you are done you cam come back and start answer those once you don’t know complete that is if you have not completed the number of questions you are ask to answer.
  • Make sure you state out the formula of to be used first then state out the value for each of them befo6you start substituting to the formula you have stated, why ? This is because  Mathematics mark scoring is based on steps and not final answer so make sure you solving is following the right steps so that you can get thw whole mark for each of the steps.
  • After getting yoy final answer make sure you put the unit if there is any if not leave it like that.
  • Solve you questions as clear and neat as possible so that during marking the examiner won’t have stress marking your booklet, because it have also been stated that orderly presentation of answer attract additional mark.
  • Please take not of your time and do not waste your time on any questions,  you are free to leave it and come back to it later.
  • Please do not answer more than thw questions you are asked to answer incase you do you can cancel one. (Cancel the one you know you did not write very well).

List Of Things To Avoid When Preparing For Mathematics Exam.

As a student preparing for Mathematics Examination take note its part of your life achievement so make sure you stay away from friend that will distract your preparation and reading , do not go for party that period because after the exam you have alot if time to do that,  be careful of what you eat avoid heavy food that will make you sleep off when reading or solving.

List Of Mathematics Textbook that can facilitate your preparation for Mathematics exam.

When it come to Mathematics take note of the following Textbook I recommend it for you because its Simplified.

  • Hidden fact in Mathematics
  • Comprehensive Mathematics
  • Essential Mathematics
  • Engineering Mathematics

Take note we are not in any way advertising any of this textbooks we are just recommending it base on thw information we got from different Mathematician with Nigerian that they are Simplified enough to teach students Mathematics.

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This article have given you a concentrated Guide And Simplified Steps On How To Solve Mathematics Questions In Waec, Neco , Jamb And Nabteb Examination. Make sure you share this post to your friends as well. Goodluck .

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