Steps And Guide On How To Plot A Neat Graph In Waec , Neco, Ijmb ,Jupeb And Nabteb Examination.

Another thing that will determine if you will pass a subject or not (Especially Science subjects) is how neat and correct your graph looks, so in this article I will be giving you the Steps And Guide On How To Plot A Neat Graph In Waec , Neco, Ijmb ,Jupeb And Nabteb Examination.

In subjects like Physics, Mathematics, chemistry etc thy can’t do without graph so as a student Especially Science students you should be above to know how to plot a neat and correct graph because this will enable you pass your Science subject (Physics,  Chemistry and mathematics) very well with good grade. So as a science student even if you write well in your theory and objective part very well if you did not do well in practical you chance of passing that subject will reduce but if you do well in both your chance of passing I very much guaranteed,  so I huge you to read this post to the end for clear understanding on how you can successfully plot a neat and correct graph.


Steps And Guide On How To Plot A Neat Graph

Just like Physics and Chemistry in mathematics we still have alot of questions that involve graph most Especially the solving of Quadratic Equation with graphical methods so before I will explain that of Physics and Chemistry I want to explain more on how you can Plot graph in mathematics E.g For Quadratic Equation with graphical methods.  In this topics the first thing to do is to get all the table of value correctly and available, after that take your scales it can be 2cm to represent 1 unit , 1cm to represent 1 unit , 1 cm to represent 0.5 unit etc depending on your readings. So in general I will be stating out the Guide below.

In order to Plot a neat and correct graph kindly take note of the following  Guide and steps  :

  • Make sure you take note of the readings you have in your table of value,  try to understand the values if they are increasing or decreasing because this will help you in taking your scales.
  • In sine questions they will guve you the specific scale to use if this is made available that means your job have be reduced here but if otherwise kindly take your scale by your self. And make sure you write the scale you used at the top of your graph.

  • Make sure your pencil is sharpened, please do not use blurnt pencil because it won’t give you a neat work so endeavour to have a pointed tip pencil.
  • Please always make use of a straight ruler when joining lines do not use free hand because it won’t give you a neat graph as well and if you and drawing Quadratic Equation graph make use of wire or any other suitable instruments and please make sure the curve is okay and not bent.
  • When ever you make a mistake don’t forget to use your erazer to clean it gently to avoid cleaning the graph line.
  • The title of the graph should be written at the top of the graph and the x and y – axis should also be stated , and if possible state out what x and y axis are representing , this will make the examiner marking your script to know that you really knows what you are doing.
  • Don’t forget to answer other questions associated with the graph after drawing your graph so that you can get the complete mark assigned to that particular question.

You can.also check out the picture above to see how the scale was taken.


Everything you need in terms of Steps And Guide On How To Plot A Neat Graph In Waec , Neco, Ijmb ,Jupeb And Nabteb Examination have been stated here Goodluck.  You can also check out Guide and steps on how to solve mathematics problems HERE.

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