My Husband Changed because we couldn’t have a child in 2years of marriage||Woman recounts her marriage experience.

My Husband Changed because we couldn’t have a child in 2years of marriage||Woman recounts her marriage experience.

My husband and I worked in the same office, when we started dating the policy of the office is that married couples cannot work together in the same firm. One of them will have to resign, while the other continues to work. He wanted to propose to me, asking me to be his wife.. It ended up becoming a debate of who will step down for the other.

I earned more than my husband, three times of what he was earning.

John earned #200,000 while I earned #600,000 monthly.
I am far better than him, even academically. I discussed with him when he was in a happy mode: I said look at it this way John, why can’t you resign while I work. I will pay you your salary every month since I earn more money. He claimed to be the man and he his not resigning from his work. I loved him.

He was still on the bases of not resigning. I loved him so such, so I decided to resign from my job so we can be together and he finally married me.

Things took a different turn after our wedding. My husband changed totally. The reverse of what I envisaged happened.

I had saved a lots of money those period I worked. My husband eventually turned me to a full time house wife while he worked.

After some months into our marriage, I went into business to keep myself busy, my husband didn’t assist me financially, claiming that he does not earn much in the organization. I had to use my money to start up my business. My husband with time started demanding money from me and I kept on giving him to support him since I loved me and I also assisted him financially in his career.

I thought I was doing the right thing.
Our marriage was over 2 years and no child . The issue of child bearing became a thing of burden, we visited the hospital and the doctor said we were both ok. Nothing was wrong with us medically. He began to change and did a lot to me. He doesn’t stay at home any more, always looking for an excuse to leave the house, he does not want to speak to me. The marriage turned out to be a living hell for me. At least I had little relieve in those few years, mother in law didn’t come visiting.

My husband started cheating on me with another lady. He stopped eating my food, he started staying late and things got so bad that I wish I could turn back the hand of time.

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